Monday, December 24, 2012

Bailey's Local Foods ordering open until 8:00 pm on Thursday, January 3rd for pickup in Waterloo! Order for 3 WEEKS!

This is a reminder that you should place your order before 8:00 pm Thursday January 3rd for pickup on MONDAY January 7th
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Upcoming dates:
Monday Jan 7th and 28th, Feb 11th, March 4th and 25th, April 15th

A Message from Rachael:

I'm sneaking in a little reminder before a few days off with family. I also added some tasty food to my order as I know this is a busy season and I'm likely to leave it to the last minute and forget to order something important...

Thank you from us and from Welcome Home!
Welcome Home is a Refugee Housing Community and thanks to you they have been eating better since the Summer of 2011 when Erica and Anita offered to pick up extra food at the end of each pickup. This year we have continued donating extra food and this is the second year we have sent them a cheque earmarked to buy food for the refugee families in residence! In 2012 we received over $500 in donations through our order form (See the $5 Donation item in the 'other' section of our order form) and Welcome Home will be providing receipts for all donations over $10. We also collected table fees from the artisans that were at the two pickups in December and together with matching from Bailey's we are so happy to send $1000 to Welcome Home! Want to learn more about Welcome Home? Their website is

Carrots - store the dirty ones!
January is a great time to stock up on all those veggies that you want to have until the new crop grows. We'll try to have them available as long as possible, but at some point even the farmers will run out! We have so many awesome carrot options!

Best for storage in your cellar (or fridge) are unwashed carrots. Angie from Fertile Ground has these for us and frankly, a little organic soil is GOOD for you! According to Sandor Katz (the fermentation guy) the new, cool supplements/probiotics on the market are SBOs (or Soil Based Organisms).... also known as DIRT! Instead of taking a supplement, you can eat more organic veggies and fruits and not worry so much about removing all the dirt. Sandor would recommend  eating some live fermented food too, so make a quick sauerkraut with cabbage and other root veggies. If you need a recipe, check out

Back to Carrots... If you'd prefer pre-washed carrots, we have tasty ones from Nith Valley (Nathan got a veggie washer this year and LOVES it!) and  Sam Bowman and Pfenning's have organic carrots. We also offer conventional carrots through Martin's Family Fruit Farm. If you want something a bit more colourful there are purple carrots too for a limited time!

Here are a few things to look for:
  • New frozen fruit - Ontario Natural Organic Strawberries, Saskatoon Berries and Rhubarb. Flash Frozen within hours of picking in a convenient 300 g re-sealable bag!
  • Harrington Lane Farms has rack of lamb + sausage (new batch!) available for January!
  • Snyder Heritage Farms has a sale on turkey necks and backs! So great for soup! Now $2.75, regularly $5.25
  • Garlic. Get enough to last until spring! A braid would look great in your kitchen or cellar!
And now some sage advice from Linda, my friend's mom:
Eat lots of good food, enjoy good company and breathe in all the fun and merriment, And keep it until next year!

Merry Christmas,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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