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I've learned that the order form is never completely finished on Saturdays. There are always changes and additions as we hear more from our farmers and suppliers as their fruits and vegetables grow. I was very lucky to talk on the phone with Paul and Lena as well as Noah and email with Antony, Debbie and Karen this week about what they have to offer.

Notes for This Week:

Look for subcategories under the main categories. If you hadn't noticed them yet, you can now check out the beef, pork, cheese and other products that you may have been missing!

Palatine Fruits
The following is a note from Mary Jane about the soft fruits and tomatoes we will have this week:

This week may bring a difficult decision on which peach you may want to try. We have an interesting story of two cousins who apparently had quite a spirit of competition between them! Each one would compete in trying to create the best peach for quality, colour, texture, size, freestone, disease resistance....and the list goes on! This week we offer a peach from each of the cousins. We have the PF 24 peach from Paul Friday and the Glowing Star from his cousin (whose name is unknown)! Here is the story as Rene tells it:
The Friday cousins from South Western Michigan are some special fellows. Located in the Michigan fruit belt approx. one hour from Chicago they lead two of the three remaining private peach breeding programs in the USA.

The one, Paul, developed what became the "Flaming Fury" series of hardy commercial peach varieties. The names are rather "insipid" compared to the "Stellar" series of his brother; they start with a PF (Paul Friday) and a number behind it according to ripening time. PF 24 is grown at Palatine; we believe its a super peach with sometimes enormous size; always good flavour and free stone (will have to prove that this year first). The PF series propagation rights have been exclusively sold to some large nurseries; it is therefore impossible for us to graft them ourselves; we can however purchase trees from the above nurseries ( plants can be "owned" by companies legally; the question is: should we really be able to own a life form??)

His cousin's story is quite different (the first name is not known to us; his daughter Annette and son in law Randy are our contacts; they manage the 300+ acre farm today). Annette's father looked very seriously at major improvements in commercial peach cultivars; he was looking forward to pursue peach breeding full time after his retirement from active farming. According to Annette's reports the house was filled with baby peach trees in leaf during every winter time (new seedlings and breeding stock).

Mr. Friday senior became ill soon after retirement and passed away very suddenly. He left behind a series of peach varieties which became known as the Stellar peaches; widely recognized and highly esteemed amongst orchardists from coast to coast in the US and Canada. His children are still evaluating his latest developments and are actively breeding more for the future. At Palatine we grow All Star, Star Fire, Glowing Star and Coral Star at the present time. Others will be added in the future.

We are proud to present the fruit of the strenuous labour of the Fridays to our customers. In a time where plant breeding becomes the work of faceless corporations in pursuit of the mighty dollar first it is refreshing to see two old farmers' passion being recognized by North America's grower community.

"The finest growth that farmland can produce is a careful farmer".   Wendell Berry
So there you have it......good luck choosing!
We also have more of the Early Italian plums. The Early Italian plum is a 'prune' plum and thus has a hint of prune flavour with it that many are looking for. It is also the best plum for cooking and canning! It is a smaller plum with an oval shape to it.
The Bartlett pears is known for being 'the' pear for canning. When it ripens is has a soft yellow skin and a juicy creamy texture. (Please note that pears ripen from the inside out. If it is very ripe on the outside it may already be rotting on the inside!). The pears will be a little on the hard side if you want them this week. If you want them a little softer and closer to ripe (for canning) then you may want to consider waiting until next week!
Just a reminder - All the fruit we get from Eva and Rene are 'tree run'. We do this to avoid the sorting station that insists on fungicidal baths, fuzz removal (peaches) and paraffin wax coatings!. This means some fruit will be larger and some smaller, some more ripe and some less ripe, some firsts and some seconds, all in the same box!
We have the Purple Russian tomato which is similar in shape and size to a roma tomato but they are purple! They present lovely in a salad! We also have a red field tomato that does not officially have a name. But we know the seed dates back as far as Abe Lincoln so people have fondly ordered them as the 'Abe Lincoln' tomato!
We will once again have cut roses for the introductory price of $15 per dozen! It may be the traditional Tea roses or it may be the Antique rose that is new to North America!  (There may also be a limit on the quantity available.) The Antique rose is a little different looking then the traditional Tea Rose we are accustom to. The Antique rose is meant to have a large center rose that opens accompanied by several side buds which may or may not open. This offers contrast for bouquets! Both the Tea and Antique roses have a lovely fragrance. The roses grown in hot houses have been bred for longevity since they never know when they will be purchased. Hot house roses usually have a thicker leaf/petal to accomplish this characteristic! But when they do this they have to give up the fragrance. You cannot have fragrance and extreme longevity in the same rose! Once again, because this is the first year for Palatine to offer cut roses Rene expressed that he would appreciate honest feedback on what you thought of your roses!

See you on Friday,
Bailey's Local Foods

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