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Bailey's Buying Club - Ordering for September 11, 2009 is open!

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A note from Rachael:
Sorry for the delayed email. I think there was cell service (and maybe even a blackberry nearby) when my family and I were camping in Presqu'ile this weekend, but I enjoyed days at the beach and nights sharing food with friends and adult time around the campfire after the kids went to bed instead of time in front of the computer. It was wonderful! I hope that you too have enjoyed the last long weekend of summer.

Here is Nina's email:

Hi Folks,

Whew! Friday was fun... and not something I want to do every week. In a theoretical and romantic way I loved selling local food in the public square today. In a practical way - it just doesn't work well with our model. We need the fridges and freezers and need the weather protection. It was good to see and talk to the many curious people who wanted to know what we were doing. Wouldn't it be great if the City of Waterloo had a local farmers' market there once a week? My highlight was when a friend of my Dad's showed up with 20 crepes to share! With honey to drizzle in them. YUM!

Sweet Corn Coming
Today would've been more fun if we had had enough sweet corn for everyone. Selema knew that the corn was right on the line of being ripe for Friday. The cold nights we've had chilled it so much it couldn't ripen in time. The sad thing is it will now ripen before next Friday so we won't get to enjoy it. We'll get lots of sweet corn next week even if Selema and Edward's patch does not have enough (we'll have organic, conventional and no spray). I'm as disappointed as you to not have sweet corn on the menu the next few days. Time for a trip to Herrle's?

We are going to begin buying from new farmers Jesse and Verna Gingerich of Winroe Gardens. They live near West Montrose and will have eggplant and sweet corn for us this week. Next week they'll have cauliflower. Jesse is a mover and shaker in the Old Order Mennonite Community. He helped get the Elmira Produce Auction going and started a butchering business on his farm. If you're interested in freezing corn, the corn from Winroe is the lowest price.

I'm going to keep this short because I'm bushed from today and I have a few more hours of work on the order form before it is ready for you.

I'm going to include the list of newish items from last week and the list of positive ripple effects you have by buying your groceries through Bailey's Local Foods.

Meal Ideas and Nutrition Breaks
My meal idea for this week that I'm unapologetically stealing from Lena Burkhardt. She was telling me on the phone tonight how they enjoyed their first winter squash of the season. They had a buttercup variety (she calls it "orange") baked and served with salt and butter. So simple and so good. You can buy 10, eat 2 now and enjoy 8 as decorations until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving they will still be good to eat for a few more weeks (if you don't let them get frosted/frozen. They like a cool dry place.)

I have to make "meals" for two nutritional breaks five times a week now - for the first time ever. What local foods work well to pack for lunches? Here are a few ideas. Email me others. Protein-rich foods: Sandwiches with deli meats, of course. Egg salad as chip dip or on bread. Bean and cheese burritos. Hummus made with navy beans and bread. Scrambled egg and cheese burrito. Tamales! Um... what else? Then lots of crunchy veggies on the side and a pear for dessert? Cheese and crackers would be good protein too.

Sale on Eggs
We are pairing up with Noah to offer you a sale on eggs. He is lowering his price and we are lowering our mark-up. Instead of $4.50 for large, it is $3.50. So this is not only pear and apple season but EGG SEASON. Time for a quiche? A custard pie? Good ole bacon and eggs?

Crackers will be gone soon
Sad news for cracker lovers. The Rundles restaurant is only open for the summer. Sept 18 will be our last week to buy Neil's lovely local crackers. If you want to stock up, you have two weeks. Neil is omitting the cumin from the Multigrain crackers for the next two weeks. So if your kid didn't like the cumin like mine, now she/he will!

Look For:
This week there are not many new items. Just more of the same foods that you are coming to love and depend on. I sure missed this food when I had to go two weeks without an infusion! I wonder how the Winter will feel when we have monthly pick-ups. We eat so differently in Winter that I think it will be okay. We'll just have to be careful to stock up each time on enough foods to last the whole month. One new item this week that I'm looking forward to are APPLES! I've not eaten an apple since May. The imported ones just don't taste good to me. Naamon and Selema (the ones who canned us peaches) have an orchard that they sprayed once (once!!) this season. He says his neighbour sprayed 12-20 times this season (this is considered normal). Naamon sprayed once (God bless him) in late June. So we can buy "Spotted Apples " from him this week. They are spotted with "scab" which are harmless spots that are only on the skin and do not effect the flavour or keeping abilities of the apple. The apples are from an old tree that was on their farm when they moved in so they are not sure what it is but they say it is a good eating apple. They'll have larger quantities of low-spray apples for us in October for those who want to make applesauce. This week look for...

  • Apples!
  • Dilly Beans (pickled beans)
  • Bulk beets and garlic
  • Hot peppers - Jalapeƃ±o and Beaver Dam (sweet and not too hot according to Lena)
  • Ground cherries
  • Organic cheese curds... Mmmm!
  • Sparkling apple cider!
  • Sauerkraut on sale!

Thank you for being on this journey with us. When you buy food through this buying club you are doing so much good.
  • You are nourishing your body and your soul by knowing (and caring!) where your food comes from.
  • You're teaching your children about where food comes from and the growing seasons.
  • You are supporting farmers and your community by putting your money into the local economy and, more specifically, the local food system where it will circulate many times before it goes global.
  • You are supporting a downtown church (First United) that receives rent from your buying club.
  • You are nurturing interdependence and building community as we depend on each other to make this work and get to know each other.
  • You are expanding local food businesses by increasing demand for local foods.
  • You are increasing our food security by causing more food to be stored for the Winter (in your cellars and in farmers' storage areas) and encouraging farmers to plant more people food next year.
  • You are increasing business at the local Mennonite Savings and Credit Union where we have an account.
  • You are giving Rachael and I a chance to live out our vocations, learn so much, get to know so many kindred spirits, and enjoy the wild and wacky ride of running our own small business.
  • You are increasing the levels of joy in your house as you decrease mindless eating and increase thankfulness and savouring of life's simple pleasures.

In love of our local farmers and in hope for a more sustainable living,
Bailey's Local Foods
P.S. We can use your fruit boxes and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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