Monday, September 28, 2009

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Peaches mistake!
I made a mistake when entering the peaches we have in stock this week. The Canned Peaches are cling stone peaches in 500 ml jars by Country Flavour. Nina told me that they do use Martin's Peaches, so I thought they were the new Martin's branded peaches that I saw at Taste Local! Taste Fresh!

If you choose not to purchase these, there are others who are interested in buying them so feel free to remove them from your cart and someone will likely be waiting to buy them. Also, next time we pick up preserves at Country Flavour we will get more! The Country Flavour Peaches are $5.25 for a 500 ml jar.

The up side is that I have now called Martin's and asked if we can purchase some of their peaches too. When Steve calls back I'll add them if I can! I'll also try to add Cee grade apples which are great for saucing.

As well, we will be offering our own peaches once we get labels on them. They will be Palatine peaches
in a light syrup processed by Naamon and Selema of Orchard Hill Produce.

Pumpkin Pie

A couple weeks ago we offered Pie Pumpkins for the first time and a few of you bought them expecting Pumpkin Pies! This morning I called Erma and she agreed to make 25 Pumpkin Pies for us on Friday (she's busy on Thursday, so they'll have to be fresh on Friday morning). Ingredients are Pumpkin, Milk, Sugar, Spices, Eggs, Flour from New-Life Mills in Hanover (Next week she'll use Oak Manor Flour) and a little bit of love. Look for them in the "baked goods" category.


Kevin and Anne Snyder are very busy people, and I finally got in touch with them today. We will offer frozen turkeys at $2.75/lb this week and next. I haven't confirmed how many turkeys he can bring us in his truck each week so if you want a turkey for next weekend and have some freezer space consider ordering this week. If you order this week and we can't bring in enough turkeys we'll make sure you get one next week. You can check out their website at

Bulk Squash
The prices for bulk squash will be coming down a bit. Look for the lower prices when I get to updating them later on Monday night. All the bulk squash are 'winter' squash that should keep through the winter in the right conditions.

Enjoy this interesting Autumn weather!
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