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Ordering for September 18 ends Tuesday at 8:00 PM

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I'd like to apologize to those of you who were bought the 3 lb box of mushrooms last week thinking it was a 25 lb box. That was my typo and it is corrected now.

I ate my last fresh peach tonight, <sigh>. It was sliced on ice cream. I'm a bit sad to not have another local peach to eat fresh until next summer, but I am looking forward to the peaches that I froze, dried and canned (Nina put a quick guide on the Bailey's website last year) as well as the ones that Orchard Hill canned for us (you'll see them offered soon)! My big problem now is that the freezer is full. I'm moving in the next month, so it will be a challenge to move all that food!

Notes for This Week:
  • Blueberries are finished for the year. Grace called today to tell me the bad news. There are still berries on the bushes, but most of them are green. Start counting the weeks until blueberry season next year or start using the ones you froze!
  • This is the last week to order from Rundles Restaurant. Stock up on Crackers and Bread, especially if you have room to freeze it!
  • This week will be the second to last week for Palatine fruit as the folks who deliver it to us are taking a two week break before their last fruit run. Order your grapes, pears and plums now. If you want stored pears in three weeks please email us to have some put aside for you.
  • Grape colour is not guaranteed. See Mary Jane's email below.
  • 100 mile spelt bread has a six loaf minimum. We will not be able to order it if we do not get enough orders (We're at 2 now).
  • McKechnie tortilla products also have a minimum. If we do not reach it, we will not be able to order until next week.
  • Kingwood's "Ring o' Fire" Peppers are still a bit green. This mean that they are still good, just not as hot as they will get as they change to red!
  • Look for a few new items added tonight like Radishes from the Widemans and Potatoes from Paul
I have a few plum recipes to share, thanks to some Members. I'll try to add them to the Bailey's Home Page in the next few days.

Palatine Fruits
The following is a note from Mary Jane about the soft fruits we will have this week:

Hi Everyone!
This week Friday September 18th will be our second last fruit run for the Season.  We will be making our last trip of the season on October 9th! There will be no fruit September 25 or October 2nd!
This week we have 2 varieties of plums - Late Italian and Empress, 2 varieties of pears  - Bartlett and Bosc and 4 varieties of grapes as well as roses!!!
Last year we didn't really have too many of the Late Italian plums. This year we have plenty! These, like the Early Italians plums are great for cooking, baking, canning etc. They are a 'prune' plum and have a hint of prune taste that many people look for in a plum! The second plum is called Empress. It is a large (quite large) blue plum. This is yet another lovely fresh eating plum!
This will be the last week for the Bartlett pears! The Bartlett pears is known for being 'the' pear for canning. When it ripens is has a soft yellow skin and a juicy creamy texture. The Bosc pears is famous for its' fabulous storing capacity. Bosc pears can last into January if kept at the right temperature (such as your crisper in the fridge or cold storage - about 10 degrees C ) This week is the only week for the Bosc pears. If you would like to have some Bosc pears for the October 9th fruit run, you can pre order them this week and Eva and Rene will have them ready for you!
Rene is involved with a Professor at the Vineland Research Station on a special project where they are experimenting with the grapes. As Rene quotes:
"The grape experiment is a special baby of mine because Niagara can grow good quality grapes for the table to be consumed within the province; sadly the fresh grape industry seems to be unwilling to take the strides towards excellent quality-- which means the extra care these varieties need."
We are fortunate enough to enjoy some of these varieties of grapes. (Rene is never interested in the offers/experiments that promote GMO! ) The grapes are only picked according to taste and are allowed to sweeten on the vine!! We have 4 kinds of grapes ready this week - Sovereign (good for juice and jelly), and 3 types of table grapes - Pink, Green and Blue seedless table grapes. We feel that there is enough grapes to fill all the orders but we may have to substitute between table grapes! When the grapes are picked they are put right into the 3 Liter basket to reduce the amount of handling....so we cannot mix the 3 colours of table grapes in one 3 L basket. You may specify if there is a particular colour or grape you want and we will do our best to fill the order. We will not know until late Thursday exactly how much of each grape we have!
We will once again have cut roses for the introductory price of $15 per dozen! It may be the traditional Tea roses or it may be the Antique rose.

Thank you to those of you who have given feedback on how this Buying Club is working for you or those of you who haven't ordered yet telling us why. We're happy to receive all your emailed copmments, questions and concerns and strive to answer each one individually.

Enjoy this week,
Bailey's Local Foods

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