Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ordering for October 9 ends Tuesday at 8:00 PM

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I'm excited about apple cider. We'll be bringing it to one of the three family dinners this weekend for sure. Hopefully there will be enough to bring to all three.

People have been asking about ingredients and I wanted to remind you that the ingredients are listed on our website at http://baileyslocalfoods.ca/ingredients.php. You will always find the link in the menu of the ordering page (once you are logged in). If there is something that you are looking for that isn't listed yet (or doesn't match the ingredients on the package you took home) please let us know. There is also a link to the blog where all our emails are archived in that same menu. It's a great way to check what Nina or I wrote about that oil or those squash. I've just added a search box to make finding items easier. Hopefully it works better for you than it does for me!

You may have noticed that we added the 'heat and serve' category to the ordering page this week. This makes the menu a little too long in my browser. We'll have to reorganize the menu a bit, but please bear with us for now. Once the buying club is running monthly instead of weekly I hope to have a bit more time to update our website and make some improvements to the ordering section. Your comments are always welcome.
This is the final week for fruit from Palatine. My last basket of grapes should last until Friday and I can't wait to get more. If you have fridge space, consider getting a few extra baskets. Hopefully they'll last as well as the ones from 3 weeks ago did!

A note from Mary Jane about Palatine Fruit
Hello Everyone!
So here we are at the end of season already! Truly the summer and harvest seem so short!
We had rave reviews for the grapes we had last run! We are discovering that the grapes that are grown by Eva and Rene are not just your supermarket variety of grape! This is part of the project Rene is involved with in proving that Niagara region can produce fabulous table grapes for Ontario!....(No need for California!)
This week the later variety of table grapes are finally sweet enough for Rene to consent to harvesting them!! :)
We have Blue and White (which will appear yellowish) seedless table grapes!!
They also still have enough Bosc pears that if you would still like to order some you can!

 I have asked Rene to pick whatever there is of the Sovereign and green grapes that we had 3 weeks ago since so many people we hoping to get more! That could amount to quite a bit...or it could amount to nothing.....we will only know closer to late Wednesday. I am not taking orders for these grapes (We'll see if we can get some for you!)

Congratulations to all of those who are  taking part in the 100 Mile Challenge. Friday's pickup will be day 99. Will you be ordering extra treats that are not 100% local for Sunday or will you continue eating only local foods this winter? Thank you for making Bailey's Local Foods one of your local food suppliers!

Have a good week!
Bailey's Local Foods

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