Friday, October 16, 2009

Baileys Local Food Buying Club - Weekly Pickup Reminder

If you put in an order this week it will be ready for you to pick up on Friday, October 16th from 3:30 until 7:00PM in Hilliard Hall at the First United Church at 16 William Street West in Waterloo. You can check your order by logging in at

Did you forget to order this week? You're not the only one who was surprised at how quickly Tuesday comes after a long weekend.

Put it in your calendar for next Monday night and be sure to order for our last weekly pickup this year! We will continue to run the buying club monthly through the winter and hope to emerge again in the spring ready for another busy summer!

Whether you ordered or not we'd love to share some dessert with you this week.
Let's celebrate that we're changing the local food system! Let's celebrate the end of our growing season with a dessert potluck after this Friday's pick-up.  Bring a dessert (perhaps somewhat local in character - or not) and join us at 6:30.  We'll be cleaning up and checking out a few final orders. We can pull out some chairs, boil water for tea and share desserts with each other.  We'll provide plates, forks, mugs, and tea.  You bring your self. Bring your kids.  Bring something desserty. Please consider writing a list of the ingredients you used so those with allergies can eat safely. Heck, Consider bringing the recipe so someone else can make it again.

We'll kick you out by 8 so that we can go home and crash.

This week you may notice that there are boy scouts boiling hot dogs in the kitchen. They are selling apples for Apple Day and we've been asked to share the kitchen. We'll have lots of spontaneous 3L baskets of apples, but feel free to buy and apple and support the scouts too!

Here is an update on changes that may affect your order this week:

Look for
  • Organic English Cucumbers on the Spontaneous Table
The first frost hit the weekend. Due to that you won't find
  • Spinach from Floralane,
  • Yukina Savoy and Tomatillos from Soiled Reputation, We're hoping the Asian Eggplant is still available
  • Cheddar Cauliflower from Pfenning's
  • Canteloupe from Paul Bowman
  • Some Sweet Red Pepper half bushels will be substituted with Red Shepherd Peppers
  • Hot Dogs from Stemmler's (but that's not due to the frost)
Due to an inventory error (likely due to reading labels in the dark last Friday)
  • Oak Manor Oat Products are not available 
  • Whole Wheat Egg Noodles are not available, but Whole Wheat Pasta will be substituted
  • We are out of Whey butter. You can take Salted Alliston butter instead
Some other notes:
David Suzuki will be in town on Saturday.
Vanessa and Emily are teen volunteers with Bailey's. They are also involved in reThink Waterloo, a set of challenges designed by area high school students to encourage the citizens of Waterloo Region to live more sustainably. They want you to know that the conference (presentation of the challenges) will be Saturday, October 17th at Centre in the Square. The conference runs from 9am-4pm and is free to everyone. At 2pm there'll be a presentation by David Suzuki (which you must buy tickets for from Centre in the Square)! More information is online at

Self Checkout Reminder
We continue to offer a SELF CHECK-OUT option to those of you who are paying by cheque! We hope that this will help speed up the check out process for some of you who want to work out your total yourself. We did all self check-out last year and now we are returning to our roots.
We choose to trust our members. You know that if we lose money due to missing items or math mistakes, we won't survive. We will still have the regular check-out option for those of you who prefer it. If you notice an error (ours or yours), please let us know.

Pre-Packed Orders
If you indicated that you would like your items pre-packed when you ordered they will be ready after 5pm. Please ask a volunteer to get your order. Items requiring refrigeration will be added when you arrive.

Please enter through the white kitchen door off Caroline Street.
You will find a pickup slip with your name on it listing the items that you ordered this week. Pick up all your items (including those in the fridges and freezer), check out our Spontaneous Table then head to our checkout area.

We will have extra items for you to purchase on our Spontaneous Table in front of the blue cupboards just in case you forgot anything. Anyone can purchase items from the Spontaneous Table. You don't even have to be a Member!

There will be room to socialize and mingle. Expect your pick-up to take awhile. If you need help collecting your order, please ask!

In out checkout area, please help us and our volunteers by removing all items from your bag for the checkout process. Please be patient as this area will likely be quite busy.

We accept payment in cash or cheque (made out to Bailey's Local Foods). The total from your shopping cart is always approximate. We will try to ensure that you only pay for the items available this week as local food can sometimes be unpredictable and items that are priced by the pound are approximate on the order form.

When writing cheques, please ensure that the date is correct (it's 2009!) and that the numbers you write (digits and words) match. Also, if you make your cheque out to anything other than "Bailey's Local Foods" the bank won't cash it. We need you to sign it too! Please help us to avoid these costly errors.

You need to bring your own bags to carry your items home. We have boxes, but do not have any plastic bags. A limited number of cloth bags will be available for sale.

If possible, consider walking, biking or bringing a wagon to pick up your order. If you are driving, please Park in the Waterloo Town Square Public Parking Lot. You can access the Waterloo Town Square Parking Lot by Caroline Street, Alexandra Avenue, Willis Way or King Street by the LCBO. We have been asked not to park in the church parking lot.

**Please don't forget to pick up your order! At approximately 6:30PM, if you have not picked up your order, we will call the number you provided (when you registered) with a friendly reminder. At 7:00PM we will pack up your order and add the $15 packing fee to your order total.If you have not picked up your order by 7:30PM (or when we finish cleaning up) your order will be donated - and you still get the pleasure of paying for it. We need to receive payment for this week's order before you can order for the following week.

If you are not happy with what you receive, all claims for missing/damaged items must be made at the pick-up site before 7:00PM that same day. After 7:00PM all sales are final.

Thank you,
Rachael and Nina
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit baskets and boxes as well as jars from preserves again if you return them.

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