Monday, October 12, 2009

Ordering for October 16 and special lamb offering end Tuesday at 8:00 PM

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Friday Pickup without Electricity
Thank you to everyone who stayed in good spirits on Friday when the power went out at 5pm and did not come back on (especially our volunteers). The good news is that since we use calculators and pre-printed paper slips we could still help you. All of the other uptown businesses closed when the power went out. We hope this is a one time thing!

Eva Weber called asking if we could wait a week on her parsnips. She broke her leg the other day and this is the week the men will be busy getting the corn in, so Eva can't dig the parsnips herself and doesn't have any help while she is recovering. Parsnips are still available from Soiled Reputation.

Apple baskets
I had to recalculate how many 3L baskets we get in a bushel and change the prices accordingly. Hopefully this means we won't run out of baskets this week. Steve Martins charges $7+ for his 3L baskets, so I think you're still getting a pretty good deal. If you are looking for 3L baskets they should now be back on the order form.

Vibrant Farms Prices
With all the Thanksgiving celebrating this weekend I didn't have as much time to work on the order form as I had hoped. I put in the quantities of the new Vibrant steaks and updated the weight ranges (since there is one steak in each package, cut 1" thick) but I didn't change the calculation that shows up on the order form. You will still be charged by the pound for the piece you receive (as you are with all items we offer by the pound). We will also be offering roasts from Vibrant, but I have some smaller roasts (2-4 lb) and some larger roasts (4-6 lb) and I need to know how many we have before I can put them on offer. Hopefully they will be available next week. Thanks for your patience!

I'm sorry that the lamb offering is a bit confusing for some. If you haven't been able to find the lamb on the regular order form try this: When you log in, there are two open offerings, the regular October 16 offering and an October 23 offering that says Lamb order from Traditional Foods. Click Place an order in the second paragraph to order your lamb! If you're already shopping for your regular items, you can click Ordering in the menu (look up by the peaches) to get back to the multiple offerings.

Like the Vibrant beef prices, the lamb prices may not be accurate as the weights were my guesses only. I got the following clarification from Marg tonight and will be changing the prices accordingly.

The chops will be in packages of 2.  The loin chops are usually 6-7.5 ounces per package, so under half a pound.  The rib chops are usually the same, though some may be bigger sometimes up to 10 ounces.  The stew and ground is around 1 lb per package.  The boneless shoulder roasts will be 1-1.5 lbs each and the boneless legs around 2 lbs.  The heart, liver and kidney are all packaged individually in brown paper, so if people only want one organ instead of all three that is fine. All other cuts are vacuum packaged in plastic. The liver is the heaviest at ~ 1 lb.  The heart is ~ 6 ounces and the kidney 5 ounces.  That may fluctuate up or down a bit depending on the lamb, but it gives you an idea.

Remember that weekly ordering will continue this week (October 16) and next week (October 23) before we go to a monthly pickup from November to April (dates to be determined). Depending on the weather we will have one or more pickups in May. Your membership fee is good for one year from when you purchase it to be fair to everyone.

Enjoy this four day week!
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