Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bailey's Reminder to Order and deal on Apple-Pear sauce

Hi Folks,

This is your reminder to place an order before 9PM tonight.

I'll be offering another End of the Season Special on Friday:
Apple-Pear Sauce by the case.
I've ended up with about twice the amount I meant to have. I sent bosc
pears with my dad to Naamon and Selema's cider press/cannery with the
instructions to make apple-pear cider (sounds delicious, no?). A week
later Naamon left a message saying that my apple-pear SAUCE was ready
to pick up! Somewhere between me, my dad, Naamon, Selema and their
nine children the order for cider became one for sauce. So, Matthew
and I already canned 80+ jars of pear-apple sauce this year (our most
ever!) so we won't need more than about 20 of these. Even if I give
some away as Christmas gifts, I'll have some leftover by Spring. So,
I'll be selling it by the case at an extremely low price. I'd rather
lose a little money on them and see them go to good homes than have
them sit on my shelve for three years. They will be $25 for a case of
12 quarts (that's $2.08/qt!). If you've already ordered them at the
regular (and accurate) price, please don't be cranky - just order

The history of the pears and apples in the sauce is kind of confusing.
They are all 50/50 apple/pear.The first batch is from Bartletts from a
backyard tree in Waterloo that was never sprayed and conventional
apples. The second batch is from bosc pears from Eva and Rene that
were not sprayed and low-spray apples from Naamon and Selema. We'll
have the cases marked as Bartlett or Bosc and you can choose which one
you want as long as quantities last.

I'm looking forward to seeing you Friday,

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