Friday, October 10, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club Friday Update

Hi Folks,

Business as usual today!

I didn't talk with anyone at City Hall. At the last minute I decided
that it was not a good idea to do that the morning of a pick up
because I did not want to risk being told not to sell that afternoon
(after buying all this food from the farmers). So I'll try to go next
week. Anyone want to go instead of me? Or with me? It's hard for me to
get in there when I work Tue, Wed and Th. Maybe I can go next Fri.

I talked to Roy Weber at the Small Business Centre and he outlined the
steps to become a Not for Profit organization. It is a good
possibility. I also want to know more about becoming a cooperative.
Anyone want to research the pros and cons of being a co-op and the
steps to doing it?

I stopped in at Beams Bedding at 40-something William St. and had a
great talk with the woman who leases the building. She is thinking
about the buying club setting up there temporarily. I'd like to find a
temporary location while we work things out with the City and Health

See you in a few hours for pick-up. It is SO beautiful out there!
PS If you got ground cherries this week, they need to be used right
away or need to be spread out to dry more. Miriam and her daughter
picked them in the rain yesterday to fill our order.

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