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Monday Monday - Stock up for 2 Weeks - order closes Wednesday at 8pm

Order at www.baileyslocalfoods.ca/ordering
Order at www.baileyslocalfoods.ca/ordering
KW's year-round online farmers market
We do not have a check out button, please ensure that your shopping cart is empty if you do not intend to order.

Order Here 

Fill your shopping cart by Wednesday October 15th at 8pm to pick up your order Monday, October 20th between 3:30 and 7pm at First United Church

Our next pick up will be on Monday November 3rd - Order enough for 2 weeks!

Thankful for all our great Farmers, Suppliers and Members.

If we did not have you Bailey's Local Foods would not be.

Monday, Monday...

We are back to Monday pickups as First United Church houses one a of the remaining Out of the Cold programs on Fridays until May.
Ordering may seem a bit different as you get a couple weeks of groceries and get used to storage vegetables and the local harvest that will sustain us through winter. How much yogurt do you need for two weeks? Will you have enough cheese and meat? Fruit like apples and pears will last for weeks, or months if stored properly.

This Weeks Bounty:

  • Oraganic Dried Beans from Lena Horst in Limited supply
  • Organic Frozen Fruit (Gooseberries, Black Currants and Raspberries) from Brenda Knechtel
  • Hardy Kiwi From Warner's - Blog Post here 
  • Sausage Sampler SALE - $5 off the pack
  • Celeriac - Sam Bowman
  • Organic Sweet Potatoes from Elvina Bauman are ready!
  • We have crisp lettuce and green cabbage from Lester and Irene Brubacher
  • Fresh Pressed Apple-Pear Cider from Warner's Farm
  • Kingwood Farm has harvested their Kakai Hulless Pumpkins which have hulless seeds that are great for roasting. They also have Long Pie Pumpkins (very long!) which are virtually stringless and great for cooking.

Niagara fruit including lots of pears and seeded grapes from Warner's Farm:

**Fresh pressed Apple-Pear Cider is back in 1L and 4 L sizes!

  • Concord - Great as table grapes, wine grapes and juice grapes. They are often used to make grape jelly, grape juice and candy
  • Fredonia Blue -  Very large deep purple grape with a thick skin, has seeds.
  • NY Muscat - A dark purple grape with seeds. This grape has great flavour.
  • Vineland Red - A large bunched grape with seeds. mild muscat - crunchy like California grapes
  • Vineland White - A small berry seeded sweet without a distinct flavour
  • White Niagaragenerous clusters of flavorful fruit, plus they are known for their pleasant aroma.
Pears: Should be stored in the fridge!
  • Bartlett -  Light-green to completely yellow in colour. These are the juiciest pears for fresh eating. You can cook them to make pear sauce or pear butter.   
  • Bosc Great for poaching! A high quality, flavourful, dessert winter pear with excellent keeping quality.
  • D'Anjou - This pear has a pale green skin that doesn't change colour as the pear ripens.
Plums: Once they are ripe, keep them in the fridge or freeze!
  • NY 9 (Blue) - Green flesh and purple skin (covered with waxy bloom). It has a mild taste and is rather sweet. Great for processing. When the flesh starts changing from green to amber, it is good to eat also.
  • Italian (Prune) - Super tasty and great for drying, canning, baking and eating
  • German (Prune) - Smaller but sweeter than Italian Prunes!

What is the Avocado Project?

We are building a retail co-op to make living more sustainably simpler by offering the most user friendly and sustainable household products available.
Check Them Out: http://avocadoproject.ca/

Upcoming pickup dates
at First United Church  

  • Monday, Nov. 3rd
  • Monday Nov. 17th
  • Monday Dec.1st
  • Monday Dec. 15th
  • Monday Dec. 22nd

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