Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Waterloo Pick Up - Friday, October 3rd
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Gobble Gobble! It's that time!

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. Have you thought about getting a turkey? We're glad that the birds from Snyder Heritage Farms are GMO Free and fed grains grown on the farm. All the turkeys we sell are fresh frozen and cryovac packaged to keep them fresher than fresh! If you need time for your bird to thaw and want to ensure you get the size you want, get it this week!

Would you like a peck of peppers?

Will you pickle them or grill them?
Sweet peppers
 from Lena Burkhart are almost half price! They are great for grilling!

Don't miss the tasty fruit from Warner Farms!

We're so excited that there are SIX varieties of grapes and FOUR varieties of pears! All the details are below!

Beans! Beans!

Due to a customer request, we're offering Rounds Beans products this week! We love their Hillbilly Bean Mix for making chili - it comes with a recipe! Look for their lentils, barley and peas also!
If you have looked at the order form there are also organic dried beans available - Jacob's Cattle and China Yellow Beans (aka Sulphur beans - a horrible name for a great bean!)
Stock up as we only offer these every other month or so!

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Upcoming pickup dates
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  • Friday, Oct. 3rd
  • Friday, Oct. 10th
  • Monday, Oct. 20th
  • Monday, Nov. 3rd
  • Monday Nov. 17th
  • Monday Dec.1st
  • Monday Dec. 15th
  • Monday Dec. 22nd

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