Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bailey's Local Foods ordering open until 8:00 pm on Tuesday, February 26th for pickup in Waterloo! Order for 3 WEEKS!

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Upcoming dates:
Monday March 4th and 25th, April 15th
Our first Friday will be May 10th! (please disregard the Wednesday date in the last email)

A message from Rachael:

A long weekend is upon us!  I can't complain. This is two weekends in a row that we have had an extra day with two adults around. I'm always thankful for that!
This weekend we're looing forward to Winterloo (formerly the Ice Dogs Festival) in UpTown Waterloo. The chilly weather with a dusting of snow seems perfect for skating, ice sculptures and more. We love walking through uptown finding amazing ice art. Check it all out at

Sweet maple popcorn!
We have a new and tasty snack in our house. I wanted to make candy corn, but was a bit intimidated by cleaning the pot after, so instead I popped up some of my favourite rainbow popcorn from Ontario Popping Corn (on the stove) and after it popped I sprinkled a bit of salt and a bit of the awesome Maple Sugar from Snyder's Heritage Farms. So tasty and so easy!

2% Golden Gurnesy Milk from Eby Manor Farms
When we first brought you this delicious milk from the edge of the Waterloo city limits near St Jacob's, I asked Jim and Ruth a few questions. Would he consider organic? Were they GMO Free? At that time they had been concentrating so hard on getting a bottling plant up and running and delivering to a growing market that they couldn't say yes.
This week I was at a farmer networking event and Jim came over to chat during the break. He wanted to let me know that their milk is now GMO Free. All the grain they grow on the farm has always been GMO free, and now the finishing mix they use is also GMO free. I feel lucky that we have farmers who listen and make changes based on the questions we ask!

Here are a few things we now have back in stock
  • Canned organic tomatoes from ONFC Whole, diced and crushed in BPA free cans
  • Organic tomato paste from ONFC - in a BPA Free can!
  • Raw, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from Flisinger's Organics
  • Sweet Dill Pickles from Country Flavour and Sauerkraut too
From These Roots and Harrington Lane Farms
Krista Harrington is the awesome lady behind both of these companies. She has some specials for March:
  • All Marmalades are $1 off!
  • Chai Tea Peach Jam $1 off
  • Ground Lamb - $7.75/lb - Regularly $8.50
  • Whole rabbits - about 3 lb each now available to order!
I'm about to go looking for ice sculptures!!
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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