Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ordering for April 19 ends Tuesday at 8:00 PM

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From Rachael:

I'm taking some time from working outside on this gorgeous day to add a few items to my order. Organic curds, goat chevre, tortilla chips, some of the new gluten free baked goods and the Fireside Lasagna from Divinely Raw (I already ordered a Tex Mex Tostada to eat on Monday at the pickup!) I thought I'd remind you to get your order in too.

Reflecting on the last year of food, I have decided that I'm great at drying foods. Sometimes it's intentional - like the peaches and pears that I sliced with the mandoline and dehydrated in the late summer and the pear leather I made whenever I had extra pears - and other times I surprised myself with the leeks that dried out in the fridge that still work great in soups. The biggest surprise was the last bunch of grapes from Palatine that weren't so sweet at the time, but dried into the most wonderful raisins (the seedless ones, anyway). I've also decided that storing winter squash isn't for me. While I LOVED eating squash in the fall, I'm not eager to eat them through the winter and the squash that I stored are mostly still there. We froze a lot of fruit over the past year and still have many bags of strawberries and peaches, but next year we'll be freezing more blueberries and cherries too. Now we're working in the garden in hopes of growing tomatoes, brussels sprouts, lettuce, eggplants and other tasty food. The kids are asking when we can pick mulberries, service berries and currants -

Upcoming Pickups

With the April 19th pickup we come to the end of our winter schedule. Have you been wondering what will happen next?

The plan going forward is that we will start weekly pickups after the long weekend in May. This leaves a longer than usual wait for the next pickup on May 28th, but then you'll get another pickup on June 4th and sooner or later we'll be enjoying the first strawberries of the season! Mmmm!

Also, stay tuned for the possibility of a second weekly pickup in the summer. We're looking into a location in Kitchener for the possibility of Tuesday pickups. Let us know if you would like this.

A Couple Notes
  • Sunflower Oil from FlorAlp Farms is back on order form. They promised to deliver some this week!
  • We still offer chocolate from Anna Tolazzi, just in case the bunny didn't leave enough of the good stuff.
  • The grape tomato price will be lower than the one on the order form. Stuart never told me what the special price would be!
  • I increased the number of bags of spinach and mixed greens from Kingwood farm. This weather has made them grow like crazy! The spinach leave will be medium size instead of baby, but they are so mild you won't notice!
  • Karin from Little City Farm as local teas available again! Look for it in the tea section!
  • Gluten Free Cookies (the ginger ones are sooo tasty!) from Magnolia Fine Foods are the same ones we offered previously through Meals That Heal.
  • If you liked the pies that Gerry and Susie of Shakespeare Pies brought last week, don't forget to add one to your order. I'm sure there will be a couple on the Spontaneous Table, but don't take your chances!

We have a convenient option for you to donate to local food programs through Bailey's. We will be providing local beans to the Waterloo Region Food Bank with the money you donated in January and February. Donations over $10 (from January through June and again July through December of the 2010 year) are eligible for a tax receipt. We will be donating 100% of what you give to the food bank directly or by sending local food from our suppliers in the coming months.

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Have a great week!
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