Monday, April 19, 2010

Baileys Local Food Buying Club - Pickup Reminder

If you put in an order this month it will be ready for you to pick up on Monday, April 19th from 3:30 until 7:00PM in Hilliard Hall at the First United Church at 16 William Street West in Waterloo. You can check your order by logging in at If you checked the pre-packaing option your order will be packed and ready for 5pm. Items that require refrigeration will not be pre-packed for health reasons but we are happy to help you gather them when you arrive.

Please read through to the bottom for an important message from Nina below!

Items not available and things to look for on the Spontaneous Table:
  • Look for Organic Spinach from Paul Bowman on the Spontaneous Table!
  • Look for Organic Local English Cucumber on the Spontaneous Table!
  • Traditional Foods will have some extra items available. Ask them if you want:
    • Medium eggs
    • Premium bacon
    • Lean ground beef
    • Stewing beef
    • Hamburger patties in 2 lb packages (8 patties)
    • Smoked pork chops
  • Stemmler's is sending regular sized wieners instead of jumbo. Same tasty wieners, just smaller size
  • Braeburn Apples from Martins will be substituted with Red Prince Apples
  • Sunflower Flax bread from Magnolia is not available today. Sorry!
  • Lamb is not available due to freezer issues.
  • No greens (Gourmet, Bistro, Arugula or Asian Braising Greens) from Soiled Reputation due to an aphid infestation (sounds like Antony needs some ladybugs!)
  • Pfennings Cylindra Beets are not available. No beets until they grow again!
  • No Apple Cider from Apple Creek Farms
Cynthia from Divinely Raw will have some amazing raw, vegan food for you to try today so bring your tastebuds along and a bit of extra cash in case you fall in love with something raw.

Singh from Local Dairy Products will be bringing his new cheeses and dips for you to try. There is a tzatziki dip (yogurt and cucumber), a goat cheese and olive dip and a creme fraiche and spinach dip. All without fillers! New cheese offerings will include boconcini (all sizes from pearls - 2 g to 50 g pieces), fiore de latte (fresh mozzarella), fresh ricotta and fat free cottage cheese in cubes.

Mark Your Calendar!

We're hoping to have a picnic pot luck for all Bailey's Members on Sunday August 15. All the details will come in time, but save the date so you can join us!

Contest: Meals That Heal needs a new name!

Meals that Heal, established in Guelph in 2004, began as a condition-specific meal service. In response to a strong demand for Josh's delicious meals and recipes, we have since grown to include take-out, eat-in, catering services, prepared foods, and wholesaling to fine retailers.

Five years later, and following our growth, turns out that we need a new name!

We feature internationally inspired meals and side dishes made with the best local and organic ingredients available. We offer gluten-free, seasonal, and nutrient dense recipes designed to please the most discriminating palates.

  1. Include your name, telephone number and e-mail dropped off in person to 297 Woolwich Street @ London Road or at our booth in the Guelph Farmers' Market Saturday mornings
  2. E-mail entries to: with the subject line "NAMING CONTEST"
  3. Become a fan on Facebook ( and send us a message with your entry.
Deadline: May 2nd, 2010

Grand Prize: $250 in gift certificates for our shop (to be shared if more than one person comes up with the selected name)
*There are no limits on the number of entries per person.
*There is no guarantee that we will select a name from the participating entries (we might get clever on our own from now until the end of the contest).
Looking for small canning jars? One of our members has too many and will bring some to share with you. She says: The jars are all 250 ml glass jam/jelly jars.  I'll bring 2 to 3 dozen.  They will all need new sealer lids although the old ones will be on with the metal rings to keep some dust out for now.

What a lovely day for great food!

From Nina:
Hi Folks,
I'm emailing at a strange time in order to be able to tell you about a talk I'm giving at KPL on April 27 and to announce some GOOD NEWS.  Have you ever wished that you could walk to pick up your local food but the pick up location is just too far away?  On the 27th I'll be sharing ideas of how people can start a buying club in their own neighbourhood or start a satellite site of Bailey's Local Foods.  Come on out to learn more.
Ideas of what to cook?
I also am hoping that you can give me some inspiration of what to cook.  I find that Spring is the HARDEST time of the year to think of what to make for supper.  I've been making very meat-heavy meals because there are so few vegetable options.  Unfortunately, my hubby is getting tired of the beans I make.  I'm loving the soups but what else is there?? Do any of you have a bean recipe or a dish that is at least half local that you can share?  The best way to share it would be to go to our facebook page ( or if you're not on facebook you can email me directly.
Bailey's Pick Up on Fridays AND Tuesdays starting in June!
I'm happy and a little scared to announce that Bailey's Local Foods will now offer a Tuesday pick-up and a Friday pick up most weeks June 15 - September 14!  Our Tuesday pick-up will be at St. Marks Lutheran (between Grand River Hospital and KCI).  The gym is smaller so we hope that the bulk of the orders will still come on Fridays but we'll let you choose which location/day you want each time you place an order.  Weekly ordering will begin May 28 and then we'll add the Tuesday pick-up on June 15.  The reason I'm scared is because it is more work and more cost.  The City of Kitchener requires us to pay over $500 in licenses and fees just to sell one day a week at a Kitchener location (this is where your membership fees will be going).  This location is one kilometre from our current location in uptown Waterloo but a different City with different regulations!  Kind of makes amalgamation seem attractive...  But, headaches aside, this is exciting to be able to offer you the choice of picking up on Tuesday or Friday each week. You will be able to choose your pick up location on the order form.
We're Ready to Grow!
Now that we have a second location secured, we are ready to increase our numbers of members and our numbers of orders each week.  Last season we were at about 200 orders a week from over 400 household members.  This season we are hoping that more of you who already are members will find the Tuesday pick-up helps fit regular ordering into your busy lives.  It's easy to forget to order, eh?  What tips do you have for incorporating grocery shopping at Bailey's Local Foods into your lives?  I'll ask that question on facebook and see if any of you have tips to share. 
One thing I'm curious about is why some of you look at the order form and then don't place an order.  What is going on?  Is it like window shopping?  Looking for strawberries? I'm so curious, please email me.
We're also ready to grow our volunteer base. If you are looking for a fun way to connect with your community and have a few hours to give on a pick-up day, let us know.  We've had some volunteers in their pre-teens who volunteer with a parent and find it a great bonding activity and chance to pick up skills in serving others and being a useful part of the community.
So April and May is the time to spread the word about Bailey's Local Foods. We'll have extra flyers at the check out tables on Monday that you can take for friends and family.  One way to introduce someone to the buying club is to let them order on your account so that they can get a feel for how it works without having to pay the membership fee right away. Another approach is to invite someone to come to pick up with you to see how it all feels and works.

Request for Frame for Signs and Guelph Members
Do any of you have a frame that we could put our big foam-core signs in to set by the church door?  Perhaps an A-frame or another style? 
Another request comes from a member in Guelph who would like to carpool with another Guelphite or take turns picking up eachothers orders.  Anyone out there from Guelph?

Music While You Pick Up Your Local Food
Would you enjoy live music when you come to pick up your order?  If you are a musician or have musical friends who want to informally make some music during pick-up times, give us a shout.

 Self Checkout Reminder
We continue to offer a SELF CHECK-OUT option to those of you who are paying by cheque! We hope that this will help speed up the check out process for some of you who want to work out your total yourself.
We choose to trust our members. You know that if we lose money due to missing items or math mistakes, we won't survive. We will still have the regular check-out option for those of you who prefer it. If you notice an error (ours or yours), please let us know.

Pre-Packed Orders
If you indicated that you would like your items pre-packed when you ordered they will be ready after 5pm. Please ask a volunteer to get your order. Items requiring refrigeration will be added when you arrive.

Please enter through the white kitchen door off Caroline Street.
You will find a pickup slip with your name on it listing the items that you ordered this week. Pick up all your items (including those in the coolers, fridges and freezer), check out our Spontaneous Table then head to our checkout area.

We will have extra items for you to purchase on our Spontaneous Table in front of the blue cupboards just in case you forgot anything. Anyone can purchase items from the Spontaneous Table. You don't even have to be a Member!

There will be room to socialize and mingle. Expect your pick-up to take awhile. If you need help collecting your order, please ask!

In out checkout area, please help us and our volunteers by having items available to view for the checkout process. Please be patient as this area will likely be quite busy.

We accept payment in cash or cheque (made out to Bailey's Local Foods). The total from your shopping cart is always approximate. We will try to ensure that you only pay for the items available this week as local food can sometimes be unpredictable and items that are priced by the pound are approximate on the order form.

When writing cheques, please ensure that the date is correct (it's 2010!) and that the numbers you write (digits and words) match. Also, if you make your cheque out to anything other than "Bailey's Local Foods" the bank won't cash it. We need you to sign it too! Please help us to avoid these costly errors.

You need to bring your own bags to carry your items home. We have boxes, but do not have plastic bags. A limited number of cloth bags will be available for sale.

If possible, consider walking, biking or bringing a wagon to pick up your order. If you are driving, please park in the Waterloo Town Square Public Parking Lot. You can access the Waterloo Town Square Parking Lot by Caroline Street, Alexandra Avenue, Willis Way or King Street by the LCBO. We have been asked not to park in the church parking lot.
**Please don't forget to pick up your order! At approximately 6:30PM, if you have not picked up your order, we will call the number you provided (when you registered) with a friendly reminder. At 7:00PM we will pack up your order and add the $15 packing fee to your order total. If you have not picked up your order by 7:30PM (or when we finish cleaning up) your order will be donated - and you still get the pleasure of paying for it. We need to receive payment for this week's order before you can order for the following week.

If you are not happy with what you receive, all claims for missing/damaged items must be made at the pick-up site before 7:00PM that same day. After 7:00PM all sales are final.

Thank you,
Rachael and Nina
Bailey's Local Foods 
P.S. We can use your fruit baskets and boxes as well as jars from preserves again if you return them.

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