Monday, August 24, 2009

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I'm writing this as our suitcases are being loaded into the car in preparation to get on the plane. We're all packed and if all goes well we'll be in our own beds sometime after midnight. I didn't want to forget to send this email tomorrow!

We've enjoyed some of the bounties of British Columbia including blueberries, blackberries and sweet cherries (which are still in season here!). We have packed food for the plane ride home including some funny looking English cucumbers that we bought at the Errington Market on Saturday. The cucumber skin is flat, not rippled. We will miss the ocean, the deer and the perfect weather we have enjoyed this week.

Notes for This Week:
  • You will now find celeriac under vegetables (oops!)
  • Two varieties of heritage tomatoes are available from Palatine this week in 3 L baskets
  • Pasta and noodles are in the 'other' category. This is dry pasta.
Our 'meat', 'dairy', 'baked goods' and 'other' categories have subcategories. Look for them under the main categories. If you hadn't noticed them yet, you can now check out the beef, pork, cheese and other products that you may have been missing!

Palatine Fruits
The following is a note from Mary Jane about the soft fruits and tomatoes we will have this week:
As the season moves on our list of offerings continues to grow! It is wonderful to be working with a farmer who cherishes crop diversity over mono crops. Otherwise I image our peach season would be done. But not the case here!! We have regular peaches, white flesh peaches called White Ladies, Early Italian plums, two kinds of pears, two kinds of tomatoes and.....roses! This week we can offer a limited quantity of Red Haven peaches. When we run out of Red Havens we can fill orders with another lovely peach called All Star. The All Star is a slightly later variety than the Red Haven peach. It is a larger peach with a beautiful reddish coloured skin! It is classically is a freestone peach but it too has been victim to this years weather! We also have a limited quantity of the famous White Lady peaches. This peach is VERY popular with the people who dehydrated their peaches. It is a sub-acid white flesh peach which makes it seem sweeter! I bought my dehydrator based on tasting one of the dried White Ladies. It was delectable! The White Lady is fantastic just for eating too! If we run out of White Ladies we may ask if it is OK to substitute the other variety of White flesh peaches which are also a lovely eating peach and great for dehydrating! We will do our best to accommodate everyone!!! The Early Italian plums are here. They are a smaller blue plum that are one of the best plums for cooking. The flesh tends to stay firmer than other plums when cooked! This way you don't have such a big difference in texture between the skin and flesh! They are also a popular plum for eating. The French Bartlett pears we started to offer last week are now ready to be picked! We also have the Clapp pears to offer as well. The Clapp pear is a bit larger pear with a 'red cheek' in comparison with the French Bartlett. It (the Clapp) has a 'melting' flesh and a bit fuller flavour. The French Bartlett is smaller and green in colour. It has a bit firmer flesh and keeps longer than the Clapp pear. We will still have the pears that are best for canning and storing later in the season! Tomatoes are now coming in full. We have two varieties of heritage tomatoes this week. We have the Purple Russian tomato which is similar in shape and size to a roma tomato but they are purple! We also have a red field tomato that does not officially have a name. But we know the seed dates back as far as Abe Lincoln so people have fondly ordered them as the 'Abe Lincoln' tomato!

See you on Friday,
Bailey's Local Foods

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