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Tonight we had grilled torpedo onions for dinner. We bought them the first week they were offered but didn't know what to do with them. We tried some sliced thinly on top of sliced tomatoes (with olive oil and balsamic vinegar) and then I emailed Antony from Soiled Reputation asking how he'd use them. His response: "slice the torpedos in half lengthwise, coat in olive oil, and grill on the bbq!" Wow. Were they tasty. Andrew grilled zucchini as well (then tossed then with olive oil and balsamic vinegar) to go with our lamb sausage and quinoa. And some of Antony's Gourmet Salad mix with grape tomatoes and cucumber too. The kids liked the cucumber the best.

Notes for This Week:
  • We have added macaroons and biscotti from Golden Hearth Baking Co. for your sweet tooth.
  • No red Boston lettuce this week (Orders will be substituted with Boston green).
  • Baby bok choi from Soiled Reputation is available again due to a new planting being ready to harvest.
  • Whole Wheat flour tortillas (frozen) are now on the order form.
  • 10 lb bags of Carrot seconds are not available this week.
  • blueberry orders from Pleasant Berry seem low at the moment. If we don't get enough to cover the cost of delivery, they may not be ordered. We will email those who ordered if this is the case.
Our 'meat', 'dairy', 'baked goods' and 'other' categories have subcategories. Look for them under the main categories. If you hadn't noticed them yet, you can now check out the beef, pork, cheese and other products that you may have been missing!

Palatine Fruits and BULK Peas
The following is a note from Mary Jane about the soft fruits  and peas we will have this week:

This week we will have apricots and 2 varieties of peaches from Eva and Rene. We also have peas from the farmer's second planting!!

This is the week that kicks off the freestone peaches. There are several varieties of peaches that are sweet, firm and freestone! Some variety names you will be familiar with like the Red Havens and some will be new to you. When you go to the grocery store or the farmers market from here on in....you will likely see that the peaches will be referred to as Red Haven or 'Red Haven type of peaches' or of course just 'freestone' peaches. This makes selling easier because of the familiarity with the name. But in reality you are likely buying a different variety of peach once the Red Haven season has ended! The Red Haven season only lasts about 2 weeks. If they truly do have Red Havens in 4 or 5 weeks from now then they have been stored in a cooler!

All of the variety of freestone peaches we will be offering from Eva and Rene are excellent for canning, cooking, dehydrating and eating! They each may have a subtle difference in flavour but you may have to save some peaches from week to week to do a blind side by side test!!! Could be interesting!

This week for peach varieties we have Harson's and some Red Havens. We have a limited number of Red Haven's this week but we will have enough for everyone next week when the Red Havens are fully in!

The Harson peach is a sweet, firm, medium to large size freestone peach that was bred at the Harrow Station here in Canada. It is considered to the the Canadian Red Haven! Ever since the Red Havens were bred back in the 30's, research stations have been trying to imitate, duplicate are create trees like the Red Haven that will survive in different environments and so on. This is one of the varieties Agriculture Canada came up with....but of course, they cannot call it Red Haven. Because the Harson tree is less susceptible to fungal disease, as the Red Haven Orchards get old and need to be pulled out, Eva and Rene are planning to replace them with the Harson variety of trees. So enjoy!

The Red Havens speak for themselves. They are a lovely medium sized peach and very well known. For years it has been the benchmark for researchers in developing a similar peach. Canners, bakers and people looking for a good eating peach always knew they would be safe if they had Red Havens.

There will not be any Loring peaches available this year from Palatine so you may want to consider a different peach for your canning and cooking needs!

Because the weather was so nice last week we unexpectedly have more Apricots!!!! We thought last week would be the last week but the trees just kept on producing. So if you thought you had lost your chance this year...you now have another chance to enjoy these lovely fruits!

We do not have plums this week as we transition from the early variety to the later varieties. There are more to come like the red plums, Burbank plums, blue plums and so on. So watch for plums next week!

Just a reminder - All the fruit we get from Eva and Rene are 'tree run'. We do this to avoid the sorting station that insists on fungicidal baths, fuzz removal (peaches) and paraffin wax coatings! This means some fruit will be larger and some smaller, some more ripe and some less ripe, some firsts and some seconds, all in the same box!

We will also have shelled peas this week. These are from the farmer's second planting! The peas are organic (not certified) and come in 10 pound bags (they do not come in a smaller size). They will be picked, shelled and packed on ice on Friday so they will be VERY fresh! Please remember that shelled peas spoil easily so they need to be eaten or frozen as soon as possible. Peas are very easy to freeze so you can have them all winter long. If you spread them on a cookie sheet to freeze them, they come apart easily and can then be put into smaller portions to meet your families needs!

See you on Friday,
Bailey's Local Foods

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