Thursday, August 7, 2008

U-Pick Organic Blueberries near New Hamburg and more blueberries next week?

Hi Folks,

At my suggestion to go pick blueberries at the organic patch near New
Hamburg, Natasha went and had so much fun picking blueberries that she
encouraged me to give you all the phone number for the patch. Here it
is below with her suggestions:

the # is 519-662-2558. When you call, there's a
message with good directions and the U-Pick schedule. I can attest that
it's a great time for anyone who likes berry picking--but bring water
(this is not a tourist-type operation, and there's nowhere to get food
or water).
Happy Picking,
PS I've picked in the rain before and it was lovely.
PSS Natasha does not mention mosquitoes but there must be SOME so wear
long sleeves and pants. Or maybe the bluebirds ate them all...
PSS If you want MORE BLUEBERRIES for next week because you're family
has consumed all that you've gotten in less than 24hrs, email me and
I'll see what I can do. Please specify organic or conventional berries

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