Monday, August 11, 2008

Bailey's Buying Club Fruit for Aug 15

Hi Folks,

That was a nice break. I hope you had a good week. I'm so low on
veggies I can hardly wait until Friday! I went to the Kitchener Market
on Saturday but was so overwhelmed with three kids and the crowds that
I only managed to buy melons.

You already ordered your veggies, cheese and baked goods for Friday.
Now is your chance to order fruit to pick up Friday as well. We have
the first Red Haven peaches available (they are free-stone which
means the pit comes out easier for freezing and canning) and more
organic blueberries.

After sending out the order form last week I realized that the farmer
(and picker) needed $4.50 per pint for the blueberries so I did not
make much on those. I need to raise the price this week to pay for my
expenses. The organic blueberries got rained on last week in the back
of the truck on the way here. Were they still okay? If you emailed me
asking for more organic blueberries, please put that request into this
order form. Thanks.

We may be able to get more organic blueberries next week but that will
be the last week. The season is almost over. This is the last week
for apricots and there are a limited variety available. The plums are
a "red" variety. You can choose from the regular peaches which are not
sorted (smalls, larges and the occasional insect included) or the
"sorted" peaches which are more consistent in sizing and the ones with
obvious insects/worms have been culled.

I also have found organic green sweet peppers for a modest price.
Sweet peppers are one of the easiest veggies to freeze. Just wash,
chop (take seeds out) and freeze. We use A LOT of peppers in the
Winter. They work just as well as fresh for pizzas, casseroles, and
omelets. They even work well for stir-fries and are a nice variation
to the root vegetables. A half bushel box will shrink to about half
of its size after chopping them.

Happy Local Eating,

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