Monday, August 18, 2008

Bailey's Local Food Buying Club

Hi Folks,

This week we've got the first of the sweet onions - red and spanish.
We've also got the first eggplants and purple peppers. The organic
canteloupe from Paul is really exceptional in flavour.

Eva and Rene are bringing us more peaches and plums and the first pears.

We've also got sausages from Stemmlers and beef from Jeff Stager for
end-of-the-summer cookouts. Jeff's beef is raised without hormones or
steroids. He uses antibiotics sparingly only when an animal is sick.
Stemmlers sausages are msg, gluten, and lactose free. The Sundried
Tomato and Basil is a treat. The All-Beef Jumbo Weiners are nitrate
free. All meat is frozen.

Bulk beets and green beans are available for pickling or whatever you
do with them. Bulk tomatoes will be coming next week or the next for
those who want to make salsa and such. Bulk green peppers will return

Happy Local Eating,

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