Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ordering closes tonight at 8pm! We have Organic Arugula, Asian Greens, Wheat Grass and fresh herbs just added!

Order at!
Order at!
KW's year-round online farmers market
We do not have a check out button, please ensure that your shopping cart is empty if you do not intend to order.

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Fill your shopping cart by Wednesday January 28th to pick up your order
Monday, February 2nd between 3:30 and 7pm at First United Church

Our next pick up will be on Monday February 23rd
so order enough for 3 weeks!

Order before tonight ay 8pm!

Our farmers are awesome, but you knew that...
  • Sam at Bowman's Organic has Asian Greens and Arugula growing in his greenhouse (yay for longer days!!!)
  • Brenda Knechtel has potted basil and cilantro as well a Corn Shoots, Wheat Grass, Pea Shoots and Sunflower Shoots! What awesome greens!
  • Did you order all the taco shells, fresh corn tortillas toppings and salsas you need for Taco night?
  • Awesome Dips (hummus!), Soups, Sauerkraut and Kimchi from Green Table Foods!
  • Beets go great with fresh greens and our farmers have lots! Look for bulk bags and make beet salad for a few days at a time!
  • Make sure you are ready for Valentine's Day by getting a few bars of Fair Trade Bean to Bar Chocolate or a bag of Chocolate Marshmallows or Liege Waffles from Ambrosia Pastry Co.
  • Do you have enough flour for the month? Look for great grains from Oak Manor and 1847 Stone Milling
  • We have awesome eggs and they are so fresh you can get a month's worth! Do you want organic, free range or conventional? We have many choices available!
  • We have Golden Guernsey Milk in 2%, 4.8% and chocolate from Eby Manor! It's so creamy!
  • Squash is still on our order from but might not be for much longer... stock up!
  • Anam Cara Farm has Whole Young Duck available for roasting, making prosciutto or soup.
  • I'm down to one bag of Spud's Finest Kettle Chips and there is a new batch coming from Tim at Barrie's Asparagus - Don't forget their Multigrain & Chia Crisps
  • Bowman's Organic has frozen cubed butternut squash and sliced carrots available ready for you!
  • Garden Party has added to their prepared foods! Look for Tangy Slaw - great on sandwiches!
  • Fresh Wheat Grass, Sunflower Shoots and Pea Shoots as well as Dried Horsetail is available from Brenda Knechtel - and she's also started living oregano plants for us.
  • We've restocked Grass Fed Pastured Organic Ground Beef as well as Marrow Bones (for bone broth!) from Vibrant Farms.
See you Monday!

Be part of the Waterloo Region Blue Dot movement!

A representative from Waterloo Region Blue Dot movement, which is supported by the David Suzuki Foundation will be at Bailey's on February 2nd collecting signatures for their campaign.
Over 110 nations in the world have a Right To A Healthy Environment and 85% of Canadians think we have this right already, but we do not.
Our team is inspired to establish environmental rights for all citizens of Waterloo Region– i.e. the right to fresh air, clean water, and healthy food. Our Waterloo Region Blue Dot team is a group of dedicated volunteers of community members, ranging from students, new mothers, to the elderly. Over the next 8 months, we aim to canvass, partner with local organizations, build municipal government relations and form media campaigns to reach our target of achieving a municipal declaration in the Region of Waterloo by Earth Day 2015.  We already have over 2,000 petition signatures towards our goal of 5,000 by December 2014, over 200 volunteers, and many community organizations endorsing this movement. We hope that Waterloo Region will be a leader to declare early support for this movement and join many other Canadian municipalities to recognize a right to a healthy environment for our citizens.  You can find more about the national Blue Dot movement here:
Upcoming pickup dates
at First United Church  
  • Monday, February 2
  • Monday, February 23
  • Monday, March 9
  • Monday, March 30
  • Monday, April 20
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