Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ordering is open for our December 1 pickup! We have NEW organic frozen vegetables available!

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Fill your shopping cart by Wednesday November 26th to pick up your order Monday, December 1st between 3:30 and 7pm at First United Church

Our next pick up will be on Monday December 15th- Order enough for 2 weeks!

Some cold weather suggestions...

While outside looks like a snow globe, why not sit down with a warm cup of mulled cider, wine or tea? The spice mix isn't local, but you can use these individually wrapped tea bags with apple cider, cranberry juice and other fruit juices or wine. Mulled beverages are delicious served piping hot or chilled and served over ice. No Caffeine or sugar added.
Stay warm this week,

NEW! Frozen Organic Vegetables from Ontario Natural

We're excited to offer local frozen organic vegetables!

  • Broccoli Florets - Our broccoli florets have been organically grown and harvested at the peak of their maturity. They are sliced, washed, blanched and frozen within hours of picking to ensure their farm-fresh flavour. They are a perfect addition to any side dish, added to any quiche or just on their own. 
  • Chopped KaleOur kale is organically grown and harvested at the perfect time to ensure that maximizes its nutritional value and freshness. Our kale is so versatile that it can be added to any dish, including soups, dips or stir-fries.
  • Diced Sweet Potatoes - These buttery-sweet potatoes are a perfect side to any meal. Try roasting them in the oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper or boiling them and making a mash. They will soon become a family favourite year round treat.
We have also just stocked up on Canned Organic Tomatoes!  Each of our canned tomato varieties and paste are packed in non-epoxy, Bisphenol A- free (BPA-free) can lining materials.
  • Organic Crushed Tomatoes - Our Ontario Natural Organic Crushed Tomatoes are made from Southwestern Ontario field-ripened tomatoes and have a texture between tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. They are the perfect primary ingredient for your next homemade pasta sauce. 
  • Organic Diced Tomatoes - Our Ontario Natural Organic Diced Tomatoes are ready to go! Our tomatoes offer the taste of summer all year around, delivering robust tomato goodness to your sauces, stews, chilies, soups or homemade sauce for pizza. Our Organic Diced Tomatoes are cut to allow maximum flavour, packed in season and canned for year-round convenience.
  • Organic Whole Tomatoes - Straight from the fields of Ontario, our Ontario Natural Organic Whole Tomatoes are peeled and packed in their own natural juices to provide you with a palate-pleasing flavour of just picked and satisfying texture. Our organically Ontario-grown tomatoes will add superb flavour to any dish. 
  • Organic Tomato Paste - Our Ontario Natural Organic Tomato Paste uses only organically grown, field-ripened concentrated tomatoes which provide a flavour profile that is full of tomato intensity. The rich and thick texture of our Organic Tomato Paste is the perfect ingredient for so many recipes!
  • Organic Diced No Salt Added Tomatoes - Our Ontario Natural Organic Diced Tomatoes are made by peeling ripe tomatoes, diced for convenience and packed in their own natural juices - with no salt added. Our Organic Diced No Salt Tomatoes are a great way to provide a fresh taste without the high sodium levels – a healthy addition to any meal. 

We're looking for Local Artisans!

The holidays are quickly approaching and we are looking for artisans to set up at our annual artisan market on each of the pick up days in the month of December. If you are interested, please fill out our application form.
Upcoming pickup dates
at First United Church  
  • Monday Dec.1st
  • Monday Dec. 15th
  • Monday Dec. 22nd
  • Monday, January 12
  • Monday, February 2
  • Monday, February 23
  • Monday, March 9
  • Monday, March 30
  • Monday, April 20
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