Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bailey's Local Foods ordering still open for pickup on November 11

A message from Rachael:

What a beautiful Sunday. I would have written this sooner but we needed to do some much needed yard work...

Today I updated the Monforte cheese offerings. Things to look for this week include

  • Mary Jane - perfect and soft this week according to Daniel
  • Buffalo Milk Fresco - awesome with a bit of honey
  • Formidable - soft goat spread with chocolate and chiles
  • Sheep Dip - soft cheese spread with sun dried tomato and garlic
  • Torta - Cow milk and creme camembert - the first batch of the season
  • Creme Fraiche - the last batch of the season, but it does have a fridge life of 5 weeks
  • Goat Gouda is back!
  • Toscano - One of my favourite aged cheeses. Sheep milk in the Tomme de Savoie style
Of course you don't want to overlook the cheese from Gordon's Goat Dairy, Local Dairy, Mountainoak, or Millbank either!

Here are a few other items to look for:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar - I needed a new bottle!
  • Floralane tomatoes
  • Fruit from Warner's Farms including their awesome pears! (see full list below)
  • Mesculn Mix from Mark Brubacher - a new farmer
  • Tea from Little Ciy Farm. Revive and Barrie's Asparagus
  • Dried Beans from Rounds! I know it sounds funny to talk about 'fresh' dried beans, but these sure are fresher than the ones from the grocery store!
  • Gluten free baked goods and prepared food from Winnie's Gluten Free including Tourtiƃ¨re and perogies!
  • Elvina Bauman is growing head lettuce for us in her greenhouse. Let's help her with her love of growing plants!
  • Little Bites Snacking Granola is now available in larger refill packs (you can refill your 'on the go' container 5 times!) Allison has also blended a limited edition "Santa's Mix" which  is a great idea for a stocking stuffer!
  • Gift Baskets! Well... I really want to get you thinking about them... We're happy to make gift baskets with the items YOU want included for any dollar amount and can also include a membership if you want to give friends or family the gift of local food!

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