Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bailey's ordering for MONDAY October 28th is open!

Click to log-in and order.

I hope that you celebrated the harvest and gave thanks this past weekend and that you had the perfect amount of leftovers...

Our order form has already been open for a week already! If you want the dates that ordering is open, they are available on the calendar on our web page at

With this lovely fall weather our produce choices are still pretty amazing for the first Monday pickup of the season! You can celebrate our local bounty any time!
Look for:
  • Romaine, red leaf and buttercrunch lettuce from Elvina Bauman
  • Asparagus Ravioli from Barrie's Asparagus
  • Eby Manor has their Golden Guernsey Milk available in 2% and their NEW 4.8% Cream Top Whole milk
  • Oak Manor flour and grains - available almost every pickup now!
  • Top Market Meats has goat meat available
  • Organic sweet potatoes from Pfenning's
  • So many great apples available! Martin's has Red and Golden Delicious, Ida Red and Spy new this week!
  • Have you tried the Hardy Kiwi from Warner's Farms? They are amazing and Maryrose tells you more at Hardy Kiwi Who Knew

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