Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bailey's ordering for August 9th is now open!

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Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf TUESDAY August 6th at 8pm for pickup on Friday August 9th at First United Church Waterloo
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A message from Rachael:

My family is going to Hillside Festival for the first time this year. Will we see you there? You'll see familiar Bailey's faces volunteering and giving workshops and you may even notice a few of our suppliers set up as food vendors. I'm excited to say the least!

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Brenda Knechtel is one of my favourite Mennonite farmers. I love to chat with her on the phone when she updates her products available for us and she teaches me so much about growing produce. If I mention that a farmer's carrots are bitter she tells me it's likely due to too much nitrogen in the soil. She always has a recipe or suggestion on how to cook great produce. This week she wrote about thyme for you:

About 10 years ago I started experimenting with thyme. It is now a staple culinary herb in our kitchen. First I tried a pinch sprinkled over roast chicken, then roast beef and a pot of homemade soup. It is amazing how it transforms ordinary dishes.

Fresh Thyme: Wash thoroughly, shake off excess water and blot as dry as possible between paper towel. To strip off the leaves, hold the top of a stem in one hand, and use a downward motion with your thumb and finger. They should separate easily; discard stems.

Drying Thyme:
You have several options:
  1. Lay in thin layers on cookie sheet,
  2. Bunch and hang until dry, or
  3. Use a dehydrator
Once dry, the leaves are very easy to remove. Simply rub a small bunch between your palms. Allow the leaves to drop into a bowl or onto a clean surface; discard stems.

Storing Thyme: Keep dried thyme in an air-tight container or spice jar

By the way, thyme and oregano are an unbeatable spice combo!

Some reminders:
  • Stock up on Gordon's Goat Dairy (we need to out in our order on Monday July 29)
  • This is the week to order awesome prepared foods from The Nutty Bakers too!
  • Oak Manor Flour is back from holidays! Get all your organic stone milled grains for fruit pies!
  • Organic Blueberries from Walker's Blueberries are now available!!! (Their PYO in New Hamburg is generally open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 1pm - call them first at 519-662-2558).
  • Fruit is in full swing! We'll have amazing apricots, blueberries, blackberries, peaches and plums from Warner's Farms
  • Cherries are on the order form, but only as a possibility!
  • Cucumber season is in full swing! This is a great time for pickling and eating slicing cukes.
Have a great weekend!
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your egg cartons, fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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Upcoming dates:
Aug 9, 16, 23, Sept 6, 13, 20, 27, Oct 4, 11,
No pickup Aug 2, Aug 30, Oct 18!
Oak Manor - Aug 9;
Green Table Foods - Aug 9, 23, Sept 6;
The Nutty Bakers - Aug 9, Sept 6, Oct 4

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