Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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A message from Rachael:

This is an amazing time to eat local foods. I'm overwhelmed with all the new fruits and vegetables that our farmers are offering!

As always, the fruit we offer is a big highlight. This week we'll have raspberries, blueberries, apricots, the last of the mulberries and of course, CHERRIES!

It took longer than usual to nail down this week's cherry varieties. We're happy to offer:
  • Heidelfingen: The cherry has a dark red skin with a firm, sweet flesh. Hedelfingen can be used for canning, freezing, or fresh eating.
  • Vandalay: Large, wine-red colored fruit have a kidney shape and purple juice. Vandalay was developed in Vineland
  • Tehranivee: A sweet dark purple/red cherry with black flesh. Tehranivee is a good cherry for eating fresh or cooking.
Sounds like a hard choice. Will you try all three?

We try to have samples and vendors each Friday for you. Kristin from Savvy Green will be back with her lovely soaps and skin care this Friday! Check out her shop at http://www.shop.savvygreen.ca/

Other great food includes:
  • Green Table Foods are available this week. Get enough for a few weeks! They are made so fresh that you can!
  • McKechnie tortilla chips are great to grab and go for a quick snack to share. We hope to sample their tamales on Friday, Have you tried them yet?
  • Sam of Bowman's Organic Produce just called and he has shelling peas, the first green beans and more herbs for our awesome herb listing!
  • Pickling cucumbers from Garden Party (Here is a recipe for pickles: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2012/07/12/156619002/three-secrets-to-crispy-pickles-and-a-lost-recipe-found - I need to thank From These Roots for sharing this)
  • Napa Cabbage from Fertile Ground. Great for salads, kimchi, under sticky rice and so much more.
  • Speaking of kimchi, did you know that we have a few different types available? This week you can get two kinds from West of Seoul!
  • **Krista at From These Roots is offering a free jar of peach salsa with the purchase of lamb sausage from Harrington Lane Farms.
  • Shelled Peas in 1 lb and 10 lb bags. Great for freezing for the winter. I have confirmed with the farmer that the field they are currently harvesting has not been sprayed for weeds - This is why we try to offer these early! These will be kept very cold and are very perishable. Eat or freeze right away!
  • Conventional blueberries from Anton and Grace of Pleasant Berry Blueberry Farm in pints, flats and 2 and 4 L baskets.
  • Elderberry honey from Bauman Apiaries. Everything about that sounds great. It's almost as tasty sounding as their raspberry honey (with fruit mixed in)
  • What is your favourite cheese? My kids reminded me to order Millbank's Colby and Monterey Jack cheese which we shred and mix together for our own 'marble' cheese. They have also become fast friends with any of the Mountainoak Gouda flavours.
  • All the available Monforte Cheese are available and you can use your Monforte dollars to pay for them if you are a shareholder!
  • Local Dairy's Crema La Vaquita and Creme fresh are awesome along with their
  • **Kevin from Snyder Heritage Farms has offered Turkey drumsticks, smoked turkey drumsticks and turkey wings on special half price! We've left the price on the order form but your meat will be marked down after weighing. There are limited quantities only.
  • Sweet potato leaves Elvina Bauman. Why? They are supposedly the next big health food craze according to this
  • Sauerkraut from Pfenning's Organic is available again!

Stay cool!
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your egg cartons, fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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