Friday, December 9, 2011

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***** Be sure to order enough for 4 weeks! *****
Our last pickup in December is December 19th. We will have a 4 week break over the holidays and come back with more local food than you thought possible in the winter!
After the new year our pickups will be every three weeks or so on Monday January 16th, February 13th, March 5th, April 2nd, April 23rd and May 14th.

A Message from Rachael:

Happy Friday!

It's the season for skating outside and dreaming of snow. I don't miss shovelling, but LOVED the beautiful icing on all the trees Tuesday.

Take some time this weekend to plan your holiday meal(s), pick out a few foodie gifts and browse. Tell us what you want to hear more about and what you love to eat. I love reading about your favourite items and how you plan to cook with the food we are so lucky to provide for you.

If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share on stocking up and preserving local produce and on storing food between pickups please share them!

Today I was caught up with the dishes, so I started sorting through raisins. Well, they aren't quite raisins yet, but they are oh so yummy! The last order of grapes from Palatine have been getting better all this time. Some were in baskets and others on wire racks. Slowly, the water in them is evaporating and the sweetness is intensifying. This is a very slow process and a bit of an experiment. There are very few grapes that have fermented (and are now compost with all the stems). Most are still surprisingly plump as they have remained on the stem. Who knew that it was so easy to make your own raisins (if you have lots of patience!)

Our family has started meal planning. The kids love this and I find it very helpful too! We painted part of our kitchen wall in chalkboard paint and have a rolling list of what is coming up for the week. It's a simple and visual way that allows us to use what is in our fridge and cold cellar much more effectively and allows the kids and I to help more with meal prep. It's also amazing for my 7 year old who loves reading and writing so much. What a magical age!

We will have amazing local vendors again on the 19th and will let you know who to expect in an email on Monday. It was awesome having such lovely local artists last week. Thanks you to those who brought their crafts and to those who supported these artists!

Some food for thought here that a few people forwarded me:

Be well,
Maryrose and Rachael
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