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A message from Rachael:

Hi everyone! How was your long weekend?

I am thankful for lovely weather and all the fruit that July brings. If you forage for local fruit there should be mulberries, and service berries/Saskatoon berries starting now, maybe even some currants.

The kids and I picked mulberries this morning. I managed to fill two yogurt containers, and then one was eaten when we got home. The kids wanted to pick lots of mulberries to make ice cream, pie and cake, but that may not happen unless they learn to put a few berries in their buckets! I also helped a friend shake a big bowl of berries out of her new found mulberry tree this evening. Mmm...

A snack of McKechnie tortilla chips and the Feta and Spinach Dip from Green Table Foods (available next week!) was super easy AND a big hit after we biked home from the morning's foraging.

Are you ready for Cherry Season?!?!?
The Cider Keg in Vittoria (near Simcoe) has an early variety of cherries ready for us this Friday!! (I wonder if there will be a cherry apple cider on the horizon?) They are available by the half bushel or by the quart.

Since we get so many questions about this:
  • A pint is half a quart (12 pints = 6 quarts = 1 flat)
  • A dry quart is a bit bigger than a litre (2 pints = 1 quart = 1.137 Litres
  • Dry quarts and liquid quarts measure differently
  • The darker green, more sturdy looking plastic baskets with rounded corners are litres, the lighter green, slightly larger baskets with square corners are quarts. 
  • Farmers are generous and tend to top up whatever container they are using.
Pickling Cucumbers
Irene Brubacher called and she has a limited number of 3L baskets of pickling cucumbers available for Friday. Are you wondering what to do with a small amount of pickles?

Here are a few recipes you could try:
The Brubachers also have the first of this season's Kohlrabi available... the funniest looking vegetable out there!

Monforte Cheese stands out
My children have an expensive cheese habit. The 4 year old could eat his weight in Toscano, a Tuscan inspired hard sheep cheese. I don't entirely blame him, but thankfully he's a lightweight!

My seven year old has different tastes. She was distressed when we finished the C-Line Pro with Chives from Gordon's Goat Dairy (available again on the 15th), but then decided that the Sheep Milk Cheddar from Monforte was pretty good too and has finished that off. After encouraging her to taste the Little Prince (it was like a soft chevre log with a coating of ash), it's been her request ever since.

While it's not on the order form (yet), the Formidable (chevre with chocolate and cayenne) was something that we picked up at the Thursday Market last week and it's divine at room temperature with strawberries. I'll ask Ruth if we can offer it soon.

A few more things to note:
  • This is likely the last week for organic strawberries. Paul Bowman has pints left. He has dropped the price. They are now $4 per pint (half a quart). Get them while you can!
  • Theresa from Garden Party has fresh herbs available! Almost any herb you want is now available in bunches! Can't use a whole bunch? Hang them upside down and dry them to use all winter long! (C'mon, don't be so surprised that I mentioned it. You need to think about winter and freeze or dry or jam all the berries and fruit and other produce you want to use then!)
  • Pete and Mary from Apple Creek Farm are working hard to protect their apple tress so we will have lots of tasty organic apples come fall (the rain this spring has been a challenge to them) but in the mean time their bulk apple sauce is an awesome reminder of the bounty and makes great freeze pops! If you haven't tried their Apple Butter yet, this might be a good time! They also had a limited amount of cherry and grape tomatoes available. If you weren't one of the lucky people who ordered them quickly, they will be offered next week again!
  • McKechnie Tortillas and J&D Pastas are available this week. Last time they were offered we forgot to make the taco shells and tostadas available, but they are definitely on the order form for you now! What better to go with the fresh lettuce and tomatoes?
  • All the artisan breads from Grainharvest that Roland sampled a few weeks back are now on the order form in the 'loaves and buns' section under 'baked goods'
  • Speaking of new items - there are also lots of new offerings from Stemmler's!
  • Remember that it's grilling season and we've got some deals on the amazing grass fed organic beef from Vibrant Farms. May I take a moment to point out the round steak? One could feed a family and may make you think you're Fred Flintstone. Just think - a steak with an average weight of 4.5 lbs?!?!
  • Soy Oil from Pristine Gourmet is on sale for $2 off also!
If you have time: Check out the following war-era food posters at http://www.good-potato.com/beans_are_bullets/
The posters generally encourage people to plant a garden, eat locally, keep chickens for eggs, reduce the consumption of meat and wheat, preserve many fruits and vegetables, save fuel, help local farmers, and waste less. Not entirely bad ideas...

Enjoy this lovely week,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

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P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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