Monday, May 2, 2011

VOTE Today!!! and Eggs before the next pickup?

Hello Bailey's Members!

How are your food stores lasting? We have a few pints of grape tomatoes left and I think we're okay for yogurt and cheese. I just heard that Floralane now has the first crop of fresh green beans grown in their greenhouses! If you're by their on-farm store in Elmira consider grabbing a pound for me too!

If you are looking for local food before our next pickup on May 27th visit the 'Find Local Food' section on Foodlink's website:

Need eggs?
Since the chickens didn't listen well when we told them there was a 5 week break, If you want Eggs from Traditional Foods before the next pickup on May 27th please fill out the form at

Federal Election day on Monday, May 2nd!!!
I encourage you to vote TODAY!!!!! If you don't know where to vote, enter your postal code here: or here: and find out!

Aura wrote a note encouraging people to vote and I'd like to share it with you:

I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming election. What determines how people will vote or not vote?

So far only one candidate has reached out for my vote. How many have reached out for yours?

Living in a country that has never experienced a truly tyrannical government we take our political system for granted. I experienced an election in Uruguay many years ago and voting day was amazing. Everything was closed, except the polls and there were line ups down the street. A country that was ruled by a dictatorship, where artists and the left had to flee, took such accountability and respect for the vote.
Lets make political history in Canada this coming Monday. Get out and vote. Vote for the person who represents your interests. Vote for the underdog even if they never win, because they can NEVER win if they don't get the votes.

On election day, appreciate the fact that we have the freedom to vote for who we want; that we have a political system that by in large doesn't oppress prosecute us; that every vote does count and yes that includes YOURS.

Have a wonderful week and I'll email again when the order form opens on Friday!
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