Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bailey's Local Foods ordering ends at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, September 28th

This is your reminder that you should place your order before 8:00 pm Tuesday, September 28th for pickup on Friday, October 1st.
Click http://baileyslocalfoods.ca/ordering to log-in and order.

Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf on Tuesday at 8:00pm. There is no checkout button. If you do not intend to order, please ensure that your shopping cart is empty.

***Please note - We will be holding weekly pickups on FRIDAYS until October 22nd this year. After that we will be changing the pickup day to MONDAYS until May.

Message from Rachael:
What a change in weather! The leaves are changing the mums are blooming (they need cold weather to bloom). It feel s like it's time to put the garden to bed.

Yesterday our lone pumpkin was picked and is now in the front window (we're worried the squirrels would eat it if it was outside!) Today the very long vine that grew that lone pumpkin was pulled and the flowers were stuffed, battered and cooked for dinner! Mmmmm! What a way to use the chevre!

Here are some things to look for on this week's order form:
  • Elvina Bauman has Hamburg Rooted Parsley for us! It tastes like parsnip but is big like a turnip!
  • Radishes!
  • Beans from Rounds (Some customers were confused, so they are now listed as Rounds Brand instead of Hillbilly Beans!)
  • Apple Creek Apple Cider! Certified Organic! In the 'other' section!
  • Pumpkin Pie (and other varieties) from Lena Horst!
  • Noodles and Pasta from J&D
  • Fusilli and many pickle choices from Barrie Brothers
  • McKechnie taco shells, tostadas and tamales!
  • Chocolate from Anna Tolazzi - for sharing or just for you!
Have fun!
Bailey's Local Foods

Click http://baileyslocalfoods.ca/ordering to log-in and order.

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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