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Bailey's Buying Club - Ordering is now open for Friday, May 28, 2010

Click to log-in and order. Ordering closes on Sunday, May 23 at 8:00PM. Please order early so you won't be disappointed!

Please be sure to read the wavier on our website when you log in. It reminds you that items placed your shopping cart are automatically saved (there is no 'checkout' button).

A few notes from Rachael:

*** Mark Sunday, August 15th on you calendar for Bailey's Picnic Pot Luck in Waterloo Park! We have reserved the Servery by the Bandshell for our group! More details to come!

  • Sarah has grown seedlings for us so that you can grow tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more in your own garden!
  • Check out the new dips (in the prepared section) and cheeses from Local Dairy as well as the new names and flavours of Mapleton's Yogurt including Whole Milk Strawberry and Fat Free Blueberry.
  • Oak Manor grains will be offered every other week to meet the minimum for delivery. This week we have a sale on Whole Wheat Bread Flour, Whole Wheat Cake and Pastry Flour and Steel Cut Oats.
  • Our inventory is in transition right now. We'll do our best to fill all your orders this week and get everything counted again for next week! Peanut and popcorn numbers may be off a bit.
  • Snyder Heritage Farms has WHOLE turkey breasts in addition to 1 lb portions.
  • You should try the Tex Mex Tostadas from Divinely Raw... Mmmm!

Enjoying this weather!


Hi Folks,
Welcome to another intoxicating Canadian Spring.  Can you believe how we get used to the new green leaves so quickly and hardly notice them?  When they first come out they just astound me and I have to kiss a few.  Our friend just came back from a few months in India and he was shocked how green it is here.  We just take it for granted that we live in this LUSH green rich parcel of the planet for six months of the year.  

Spring Greens

Have you been getting your spring greens?  Spinach salads, steamed asparagus with a touch of salt, fiddleheads sauteed in butter, green onions in and on everything?  If not, now is your chance to order and start revelling in devouring spring greens.  Brenda Knechtel has fresh parsley, bok choy, green garlic and radishes (which are not green).  We've been enjoying radishes here at our house from our garden.  Two of the three kids have declared them "too spicy" but the third loves them.  Their red colour is almost hard to believe.  Downright sassy.  I don't have any recipe ideas for them as I only eat them dipped in salt.  That's also how I like to eat green onions. Haven't had that fix yet this spring.  Our green onions have been harvestable for the last two weeks which is about how long I've noticed onion breath when I go to kiss my kids.  We made a super easy egg skillet supper the other night with a sauteed potato, asparagus pieces, with lots of green onions and cheddar sprinkled on top - then broil.  Okay, to be honest, we had to push the kids to finish theirs. The adults needed no coaxing. It was good for breakfast the next day too.

Membership Renewal
A few of you have asked me how your annual membership works now that it has expired.  The annual membership fee ($20) will be automatically added onto the first time you order after your anniversary with Bailey's Local Foods.  Just tonight I was talking to Maryrose, a member who has not missed ordering a single week since she joined last May!  Whoa!  I gave her a jar of dill pickles as an award for being one of the most consistent and reliable local food buying club members - in the world!  Maryrose is not only reliable, she is an angel. She is going to be our new bookkeeper!  She knows a lot about running businesses so we're looking forward to her suggestions for improving the efficiency of how things run behind the scenes at Bailey's.

Volunteering Fridays or Tuesdays with Bailey's

Does it look fun to join the crew of folks helping to make Bailey's pick up days run smoothly?  If you're interested, send us an email.  We love our volunteers!  It is a great way to be a part of the momentum that is moving local food from the fringe to the centre of our menus and economy.  Volunteering is also a great way to get a discount on your Bailey's orders.

Hamburger Fantasies
I'm nearly desperate for the lovely hamburger from Vibrant. I was at Valu Mart and a package in the freezer caught my eye that said "Gourmet Burgers". Since seeing that I have been craving 100% beef hamburger patties cooked over a wood fire.  We are having a cookout this week but I had no meat left in the freezer so I had to run to Vincenzo's for frozen sausage. I hate not knowing where the pork comes from or how it was raised.  I should've gotten their fresh sausages from the butcher but I was too distracted parenting to focus on the case.  I'm also a huge fan of the ground turkey from Snyders.  I sound like such a carnivore!  Maybe I should just accept that I am.


You know what I'm really looking forward to?  The first baby carrots.  These stored carrots from Martins are amazingly good but baby carrots are almost like another vegetable completely.  I'm also looking forward to salads with Soiled Reputation's Gourmet Salad Mix.  So subtley spicy and great texture!  What are you looking forward to?  Let me guess... strawberries?  I wish that we'd have strawberries for my dad's birthday on June 7 but that is wishful thinking.  We'll need to use rhubarb instead.  He loves pies. Maybe I should make him peach pies with my canned peaches from the Palantine farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  He has this ranking of his favourite pies.  Cherry pie was #1 when I was a kid but the ranking keeps shifting and I think peach is on top now.  Pecan too?  I have about 22 lbs left of pecans from small farmers in Georgia. They're so small they have to hire tall people to harvest their pecans.  Har har.  It's been pecan season at our house since my dad brought back 30 lbs in mid February.

Oh! You know what I really can hardly wait to taste?!  The first honeyberry from this honeyberry bush that I planted three years ago.  I've never tasted a honeyberry so I have no idea what it will be like.  The mongolian cherry tree that I planted at the same time is setting fruits for the first time too. So I'll be able to taste two totally new local fruits this season. I'll let you know how they taste.

Meal Ideas
Happy ordering.  Tis the season for chef salads, taco salad and white sauce over any of the following: asparagus, fiddleheads, steamed spinach.  Add rice or toast to the white sauce dish and you have a meal.  Add a few hard boiled eggs to the white sauce and you have what I call "egg gravy".  Old cheddar and fresh pepper make a divine egg gravy.  If you are one of those households that is making the rest of us salivate by BBQing every other night, this is BBQ season.  So stock up the freezer on what you like to BBQ and include asparagus on the grill so you don't look like a complete caveman : )

Every Week - Mark Your Calendars

You can now order from Bailey's Local Foods every week. Pick-up is on Fridays.  June 10 you'll be able to choose if you want to pick up on Fridays or Tuesdays of the following week.  The order form will always open on a Thursday night and close on Sunday night.  We have a cool calendar on our website with this info. Many members write it into their own calendar so it becomes a part of their lives.  Let's spread the local food joy.  Remind a friend about the ordering beginning weekly and invite another friend to come with you to a pick-up to see how it works.

Thank you for helping to change the food system!
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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