Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ordering for January 18 ends Tuesday at 8:00 PM

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I'm sick. My kids are talking about how our food smells, and I can't smell a thing. The rest of the family has already gotten through the same cold/flu/whatever earlier in the week, so I'm sure it won't be long until I'm better. Until then I'll keep my roll of nose wipes handy.

Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc.
I talked to Roland from Grainharvest before the new year and last week I received their product info and now we have Grainharvest items on our website. You can order bagels, croissants, butter tarts and many, many breads and buns - organic options too! Some of their items are not available on Mondays, so if we're missing one of your favourites that may be why. Also, we aren't offering the frozen items like pizza dough and pie shells due to lack of freezer space, but they may be available in the future. If you try their products let us know what you think!

Halloumi - Why should I buy that?
To make your own Saganaki! Years ago, Andrew and I used to order Saganaki with friends at the Huether for the taste and for the added show of it. Last weekend my three year old got to watch the big fire as Andrew made Saganaki and flambéed the cheese with some Ouzo we had on hand. You can serve it without the fire, but it made the food extra fun. Look for all the Local Dairy Products cheeses and other dairy items (like yogurt and crème fraiche). We loved their mozzarella on pizza last night. It almost tastes like butter!

New Recipe on!
Thanks to Dinah, one of our members, the Kale recipe is off the website and recipe on website will be changing more often. Check out for a tourtière recipe that you can make yourself! Beth also sent us a website featuring root vegetable recipes at that I'm happy to pass on to you.

Soiled Salad
Antony of Soiled Reputation emailed to say that he would have some salad greens for us this month! I thought that I would have to email to tell you they were on the order form, but it looks like you already noticed (there is only one bag left!) We will actually have Gourmet Mix instead of Bistro (until there is more light). Antony says that the prices on his leafy items have gone up a bit as minimum wage increases in 2010 as they are the most labour intensive crop. This is his first price increase on greens since 2000!

Grimo Nuts
If you are interested in getting any Black Walnuts or Hickory Nuts from Niagara please order them this month! We have had an offer to pick them up, so they will be coming for the 18th if we have a few more orders. This will likely be the last chance for Black Walnuts and Hickory Nuts. There are still Heartnuts available too. They are liks walnuts, but prettier and easier (in my opinion) to open. In the fall we have Grimo's Chestnuts and Persian Walnuts to look forward to again.

Items to look for:
  • Mapleton's yogurt almost sold out! Make sure you have enough for a month!
  • Italian Broad Beans from Paul in the 'Dried Beans' section
  • Peach fruit spread from Orchard Hill Produce (tasty with leftover gluten free shortbread from Christmas)
Take care,
Bailey's Local Foods

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