Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bailey's Updates

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My son is a squirrel. He loves to hide walnuts in our house. I find them in his sister's bedside table drawer as well as in various bags and containers. Chestnuts too. I continue to be amazed at how sweet the nuts from Niagara are. The heartnuts are fun to crack (we keep a box with a brick and hammer handy in the kitchen) and they always taste better toasted a little in a dry frying pan (the same way I toast pine nuts). I could eat a pound of chestnuts a day and have learned that they store best at -3 to 0 C. I have dedicated a fridge to chestnuts to keep them at their best. If you don't have a fridge to turn down to a lower temperature and you find your chestnuts with some mold, you can wash off the mold before you roast them. Did you get the Black Walnuts? I did not taste them and would like to know what you think.

I made a list of all the things I wanted to tell you in my email today. Getting the order form ready always seems like so much to do (and I haven't even finished!)

Andrew made cashew curry lamb tonight with some of the stewing lamb from Traditional Foods and was it ever good! I hadn't tried the lamb yet and Marg has been asking what we think. I'll be sending some feedback on how tasty it was to her tomorrow so if you want to pass on any information on what you thought of your lamb please let me know! Marg also needs to book the butcher by the morning of the 13th, so please put in your lamb orders by the end of Thursday! I'll put maximums up after that if you don't get your order in you might get lucky if someone changes their mind.

Did you see all the extra organic beef available from Vibrant Farms this month? In addition to the roasts, steaks, ground beef and ribs that I hope you will enjoy we asked for suet, bones and 'throwaways' if you want to feed the birds or your pets. I'm guessing at the sizes of the packages, so I hope that my guesses are close. At the prices ($0.50-$2 per lb) for these 'extras' I hope you don't mind a little uncertainty. You can read more about their the mineralization that sets Vibrant Farms' beef apart at

I haven't yet updated the prices (I will!), but this month we have 15% off Oak Manor flours (not flakes, kernels, etc). The prices will be 15% off our regular price and once they are updated will say "SALE" .) Are you planning on baking as an inexpensive holiday gift or for a cookie exchange? What a great incentive to use local organic flour!

Nina asked me to include a bio for Lindsay the baker. It turns out that HE is running the bakery with his sister!

This past winter was spent building a bakery kitchen in his home in Sebringville and testing recipes. This spring he has launched Lindsay's Bakery â€" supplying local cafés and retail shops with fresh artisinal baked goods â€" as well as custom orders for individual clients. He is starting small, but is looking forward to the journey on which this new venture will take him.

In his spare time, Lindsay is an avid gardener and home cook. He is an enthusiastic cross country runner and cyclist and is always seeking balance and harmony in life.

I haven't added it yet, but I have 11 bottles of local sunflower oil to add. I asked for more 1L bottles before November 23, but Hans and Pia at FlorAlp Farms make it fresh all the time and don't have time to make more for us with their existing orders before the end of November. It is also available in a 20 L size. If anyone is interested in bulk oil let me know!

Thanks to one of our amazing customers we now have raw, unfiltered honey to offer in addition to the liquid and creamed honey from Bauman Apiaries. Another new item is horseradish from Louisa at Triple H Farms thanks to a tip from Erma Martin.

OK. The reminders are mostly out of the way. Now a cooking bite. Paul is still offering endive (aka escarole) and I don't think I shared the awesome recipe that I found after we bought a whole lot and it turned out to be leafy instead of 'Belgian' endive (I was looking forward to dipping). The memory of the soup Andrew made when I showed him this recipe: still lingers. If you are using dried beans instead of canned beans you'll have to soak and cook them starting the night before. The escarole really cooks down. You can use almost twice as much as you think (fill the pot and then some!) to have enough in this soup. Asiago cheese grated on top is the best!

The 'Yams' are now properly listed as Sweet Potatoes and the 'Big Turnips' are now listed as Rutabaga. Artichokes are now listed as Jerusalem Artichokes (aka Sunchokes). One of my wishes is to be able to read the farmer's minds or get them to send me their seed packets after they are empty. =)

I'll also be adding some mini carrots from the Webers and more items from Pfennings. You can keep checking back or I'll send a list of added items in my reminder email on Monday.

Sorry for the long email but I wanted to let you know that Katherina of Anna Tolazzi will be supplying about 300 pieces of chocolate for the November pickup. I'm still trying to get those on the order form! Boxes of varying sizes will be available. A box of chocolates or a Bailey's gift basket ( would make an amazing gift for those hard to buy for people who don't like to dust their presents... like me!

Keep your feet warm!
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