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Hello Everyone,

Notes for This Week:
  • Carrot sizes - only bags of smalls are available. If you ordered other sizes, they will be substituted with smalls.
  • The discount on organic beef from Vibrant Farms is $2 off the total price of the roast or package of steaks. No Sirloin steaks are available.
  • We thought that we could offer bulk shelled peas again, but they are not available this week. Sorry!
  • Golden Hearth is on Vacation and will be back next week.
Our 'meat', 'dairy', 'baked goods' and 'other' categories have subcategories. Look for them under the main categories. If you hadn't noticed them yet, you can now check out the beef, pork, cheese and other products that you may have been missing!

Palatine Fruits
The following is a note about the soft fruits we will have this week:

We reached the end of the cherry season rather abruptly with all the rain last week! In a better weather year we could still have looked forward to varieties like the Reginas and Hudsons.....both lusciously big black sweet cherries. So we will need to set our thoughts to next year for those lovely cherries!

This week we have the Apricots, Early Golden plums and the Harrow Diamond peaches!!!

The Apricots are coming into full glory now as the season moves on! They again will be allowed to ripen on the tree and hand picked by only two people who are skilled in knowing just the right feel to the apricot!!

The Early Golden plums are the earliest variety of plum available to us. The have a bit of tartness from under the skin along with the sweetness of the flesh!

The Harrow Diamond peaches are a Very nice eating peach! Full flavour and sweet! They are not a free stone peach. The free stone peaches only come later in the season.

Just a reminder - All the fruit we get from Eva and Rene are 'tree run'. We do this to avoid the sorting station that insists on fungicidal baths, fuzz removal (peaches) and paraffin wax coatings!. This means some fruit will be larger and some smaller, some more ripe and some less ripe all in the same box. Eva and Rene let our fruit ripen on the tree much longer than if they were to pick it for the shippers! The shippers want green fruit and we want tree ripened fruit!!

See you on Friday,
Bailey's Local Foods

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