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Bailey's Buying Club - Ordering is now open for June 26, 2009

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Important Reminder:We are not Zehrs, nor does our food come from a factory. Plan on your order never being exactly filled as ordered.  There are too many variables that we cannot control.  We are working hard to control and organize the variables that we have influence over.  Despite this, sometimes something you order will not be available. If this fact stresses you out, you may want to shop in a store where they have HUGE warehouses of stock.

One variable that we can't control is if you take the wrong item. We ask that you check your list and the product name carefully (especially cheeses) and we ask our volunteers at the check-out to check your items to make sure that you got the right ones and did not forget anything.

Hi Folks,
Can you believe it is the end of June already?? And just not enough strawberries to go around - yet! They are coming. The heat this week will mean lots of strawberries for next week. We never know how long the season will last so if you want to freeze some for winter or make jam, don't wait too long.  Erma is making us shortbread this week to go with the strawberries. So now you just need to pick up tall carton of whipping cream and you can have strawberry shortcake for breakfast, lunch and supper.

The end of June means that Canada Day is coming. This is your last chance to pick up local food before Canada Day (unless you go to the market). So, plan ahead, will you want to be roasting hot dogs? Making deli sandwiches? Bringing a huge salad to the gathering? Popcorn around the fire? Cinnamon rolls for breakfast guests? BBQ cuts to grill? Peanut butter brownies?

Special on Salads
Which do you like better, the salad mixes or the lettuces from Selema? This week we are offering the Soiled Reputation salad mixes AT COST to celebrate our Grand Opening in our new location.  If you've been tempted to try the salad before, but the cost scared you away, now is your chance to taste it.  The Gourmet Salad is a bit spicier than the Bistro Mix.

Pancake Mix Goof and Flours
We have flours from Oak Manor and Arva Flour Mills available this week. Flour is only offered every other week. We have buttermilk pancake mix and cream of wheat from Arva this week.  Someone recommended that I get the buttermilk pancake recipe next time I picked up flour from Arva. She said it was "THE BEST".  So my dad was in London last week and I asked him to pick up a load for the buying club. I was in a rush and too busy so I did not phone to ask if the mix was local. It is NOT LOCAL. Nope, not at all. So I goofed. Can you help me out by ordering it anyway (if you are not a 100% 100 miler, of course)? It DOES make super light and fluffy pancakes. We just had them with strawberries for breakfast.  The ingredients are: Enriched flour, wheat starch, corn flour, vegetable oil (shortening), sugar, dextrose, whole egg powder, baking powder, buttermilk powder, salt, vanillin.

The Oat Flakes from Oak Manor are from 212 kilometers away (near Chatham). So that is over the 100 miles (160k) radius. We are including them until we find a more local source. They are still milled locally and Chatham is not THAT far away so if you are not going for 100% local you may still want to order them.

Beef and Pork
Melissa Baer who works with her dad Dennis on their farm in Wellington Township provides us with the organic beef. She apologizes for the messy wrapping that some of the cuts are in. She is not happy with how the butcher wrapped the cuts and will use a new butcher next time. The meat is exceptional - the paper is just a little messy. We ate a roast from her farm this week and it was tender and not too fatty. Even made gravy from it to go on the little potatoes from Pfennings.  My dad thought he'd died and woke up in heaven.

Deli Meat and Hot Dogs
Did you try the Dogs? What do you think? I heard from one of you that four just weren't enough and you could hardly wait to buy more. I don't know when we will offer the deli meats and hot dogs after this week. Stemmler's makes the beef deli meat and the hot dogs just for us (and Vincenzo's gets the beef too) so they don't have them available all the time. All of these freeze well. Our two pounds of deli meat were gone within two days. My kids like the beef rolled up to eat as finger-food. With old cheddar in the middle of the roll and grape tomatoes on the side, it is an easy picnic. We discovered this on Toronto Island last Saturday. A piece of lettuce is nice inside the beef roll too.

Grand Opening
This Friday is our Grand Opening. If you want to avoid all the hooplah and crowds, come after 4:30. If you want to jump into the fray, come at 3:30. We'll have a few farmers sharing stories from the farm and Peter Katona from Foodlink will be telling us the story of local food in Waterloo. Short stories! And a few songs.  We will be picking a few strawberries together too. You'll have to come to see what that means.

We have honey available this week! It is from Bauman Apiaries.  It is raw.  We will be offering honey from another apiary too later in the summer when they have more in stock. More varieties of honey will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

Preserves - Pear-Applesauce and more
Just in time for the kick-off of the 100 Mile Challenge, we are offering preserves that were made for the buying club in the Fall.  We have a heavenly pear-apple sauce which is a thinner consistency and really pear-y. It is a nice change from applesauce. My kids love eating it with yogurt  or on their breakfast cereal.  You can also buy BBQ Relish to use on your hamburgers and hot dogs. Erma made us the relish (same person who grows us the cilantro and other fresh herbs).  See the order form for the few other preserves available. (Sorry, we've eaten most of them. They were too good.)

Still in love with life and local food,
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your strawberry boxes again if you return them

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