Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Order for next Monday! We have the best cheese in town - and invite you to use coupons!!

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Order at!
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MONDAY, November 30th between 3:30pm and 7pm at First United Church, Waterloo

Cheese coupons! Yes please!

If you see the 'all you need is cheese' magazine in your mail or at a store, be sure to pick one up and check out the recipes and the coupon for $1 off Mountainoak and Local Dairy cheeses.
  • What is your favourtie Gouda from Mountainoak Cheese? We have so many flavours now! Farmstead Premium, Gold, Black Truffle, Black Pepper, Friesian and Wild Nettle to name a few!
  • Local Dairy has ghee and cultured butter from grass fed cows in addition to cheeses like their Queso Fresco and buttery Mozzarella, Yogourt, Creme Fraiche and Crema La Vaquita.
  • Did you eat all your perogies from Good Stuffed Perogies? Be sure to order more for a quick and tasty meal! (serve with Crema La Vaquita!)
  • Vegetable, Chicken and Beef Bone Broth from Well Preserved is back on our order form! Tiffany will also be sampling at the next pickup if you want to try her chicken broth.
  • Brenda Knechtel has Jerusalem Artichokes available! They have a wonderful flavour and are similar to potatoes. Check out this recipe for J-choke souffle!
  • Bowman's Organic Produce has made Apple Butter (look for it in the 'jams and jellies' section in the pantry) and lots of frozen fruit and vegetables too!
  • Wheat Free Gingerbread  and GF Christmas Cookie Assortments from Circle of Life are now being baked.
  • Organic Candy Cane and Pumpkin Ice Cream (among other flavours) from Mapleton's Dairy is now here!
  • Get your bulk Daikon Radishes from Fertile Ground are great for making pickles
  • Warner's Farm has Rosehips and Saskatoon Berries in addition to super yummy Pears!
  • We're fully stocked with Sparkling Apple Cider from The Cider Keg including their newest flavour - Crimson Cabaret!
  • Harmony Organic has Egg Nog! This year we're offering 1 L cartons and 1 L glass bottles (price includes $2 deposit)
Have a great day,
Rachael and Maryrose
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We're looking for Local Artisans!

The holidays are quickly approaching and we are looking for artisans to set up at our annual artisan market on each of the pick up days in the month of December. If you are interested, please fill out our application form.
Upcoming pickup dates
at First United Church  

  • Monday, November 30th
  • Monday, December 14th
  • Monday, December 21st
  • Monday, January 11th
  • Monday, February 1st
  • Monday, February 29th
  • Monday, March 21st
  • Monday, April 11th
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