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Organic Blueberries - Order by 8pm tonight,

Order at!
Order at!
KW's year-round online farmers market
We do not have a check out button, please ensure that your shopping cart is empty if you do not intend to order.

Order Here 

Fill your shopping cart by Wednesday July 22nd to pick up your order
FRIDAY, July 24 between 3:30 and 7pm at First United Church

Our next pick up will be on FRIDAY August 7th
***order enough for 2 weeks!!***

Certified Organic Blueberries 
We are happy to be offering Organic blueberries from Blueberry Hill Farm in Rodney, ON.  This is their first year with the organic certification. It has been a few years since we have been able to offer organic to you. 

Order yours now as we can not garuntee there will be availability and delivery in the coming weeks.

New Bakery - Sugar Babies Cakes
A boutique bakery featuring. Wheat, gluten free or dairy free and vegan baking. There are 7 choices to choose from. This pick up only we are offering an introductory price $1 off.
  • Garlic Cheese Artisan Bread

  • Italian Artisan Bread

  • Original Artisan Bread

  • Sunflower Flax Artisan Bread

  • Farm House Teff

  • Healthy Happy Multigrain

  • Organic Oat

Holidays are coming! Beef is restocked! 
Peaches are starting! Plums too!

Order enough for 2 weeks. We won't have a pickup on  the Friday before the long weekend. Stock up for all your holiday weekend needs! Burgers? Hotdogs? Marshmallows? Chocolate? Plan your  BBQ!
Rachael and Maryrose

We  have lots of beef  for you again after the cold winter:
  • Kim from Comolea Farms has just restocked with her tasty Ground Beef, Stewing Beef, Beef Patties, London Broils, Pepperettes and two types of Sausage - Honey-Garlic and Onion-Sage!
  • Vibrant Farms' beef boxes are back! Order in bulk and get a great deal!
  • Have you tried the plain burgers or garlic burgers from Vibrant Farms? 4 burgers in a package which weighs about 1 lb.
  • As well, Vibrant's chicken quarters are back!.They are free run organically raised chickens fed only organic non-GMO feed and NO corn.

The first peaches are ready! Apricots are still awesome, Cherries are slowing down.

These early peaches are very tasty and usually ripe and ready to enjoy! Right now we have 3L baskets available, but we hope to offer 10 and 20 lb boxes by Tuesday!
The Harrow Diamond is a smaller peach that comes away from the stone quite easily (although it is not classified as a free stone)
Look for all this from Warner's Farm:
  • Harrow Diamond Peaches
  • Early Golden Plums (small and tart)
  • Apricots
  • Sweet Red Cherries
  • Tart Cherries
  • Blushed Gooseberries are almost done
  • Raspberries
  • Frozen Raspberries and Cherries, 
  • Grape leaves for dolmas or lactofermentation
  • Small, green immature plums or apricots used to make Umeboshi
  • Peaches in cans (on sale!)
  • Concord Grape Juice, Montmorency Cherry Juice and Cranberry-Grape Juice - great for all juice popsicles for the kids!
Summer Supplier Schedules:
  • Oak Manor: Aug 7, Aug 28
  • Snider's Pork Sausage: July 10July 24,  August 7August 21September 4,September 1
Please note:
  • Grainharvest and Circle of Life orders need to be in by Wednesday morning so order your baked goods early!
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Taste Local! Taste Fresh!

Sunday, September 13, 2015, 2-5 pm at Steckle Heritage Farm. 
Come meet the farmers who grow our food and taste amazing food creations prepared by top chefs from the region. 
Early bird price of $60 ea until Aug 31 or while quantities last. To purchase yours click here:    More at
Upcoming pickup dates
at First United Church  
  • Friday August 7
  • Friday August 14th
  • Friday August 21st
  • **Thursday September 3rd
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