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New bounty coming our way! Green Beans, Red Peppers and more!

Order at www.baileyslocalfoods.ca/ordering!
Order at www.baileyslocalfoods.ca/ordering!
KW's year-round online farmers market
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Fill your shopping cart by Wednesday April 15th to pick up your order
Monday, April 20th between 3:30 and 7pm at First United Church

Our next pick up will be on Monday May 11th
so order enough for 3 weeks!

Last of the Organic Apples! New hothouse produce from Roseland! Green Beans from Floralane!

  • Mary from Apple Creek Farms has checked on the Organic Apples and they are still in good shape! We have Spartan and McIntosh Apples available ON SALE this pickup at a great price! The McIntosh seconds are an amazing deal  - you can make organic apple sauce at a fraction of the regular price.
  • Brenda Knechtel has red carrots! She is offering them in 2 lb bags mixed with white carrots
  • We are happy to offer hothouse green beans from Floralane Produce on Monday! Order yours now!
  • Cucumbers, Portobello Mushrooms and St David hydroponic Red Peppers from Roseland Produce are back on our order form! Add some colour to your meals!
  • Kevin has had a good year for Maple Syrup and the trees save some of the best syrup for last! Amber Maple Syrup is available from Snyder Heritage Farms! The first of the sap is the lightest and it darkens through the short season. All grades are now available and from this year's crop!
  • We have sourced Winter Rhubarb from Lennox Farm in Caledon! "In the winter months, Lennox Farm grows rhubarb indoors in forcing sheds. Winter rhubarb produces a tender deep red or pink stalk, which is not as tart as summer rhubarb." Bring on the pies!
  • Krista at Harrington Lane Farms still needs more space in her freezers so Pork Chops and Pork Roasts are still on sale! Bulk Boxes are on sale too!
  • We have lots of greens, including more Spinach from Brenda Knechtel!
  • Hothouse Grape Tomatoes and Beefsteak Tomatoes from Floralane
  • We have confirmed that Well Stocked will have their bone broths available at the next pickup. There are lots of options available including beef, chicken and vegetable broths that have been pressure canned, fresh jarred and frozen.
Brenda Knechtel still has seedling kits available! You will find them in the 'plants' section under 'other'. This year there are two options:
  • Mini Spring Salad Seed Starter Kit
  • Mini Spring Garden Seed Starter Kit (upon request - you will  have to start the tomatoes right away!)
Check below for details!

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Maryrose and Rachael

Mini Spring Salad Seed Starter Kit 

The Garden Kit will contain:
  • 1 non-perforated tray and greenhouse dome
  • 20-3" round peat pots*
  • Organic potting soil
  • Labeling tickets
  • Planting instructions
Seeds for the following varieties:
  • 3 "Vulcan" Lettuce: Early, red lettuce; crisp and mild with slightly frilled leaves; 52 days
  • 3 "Green Star" Lettuce: Bright green with good flavor; 53 days
  • 3 "Buttercrunch" Lettuce: green; compact head; 50 days
  • 3 "Coastal Star" Lettuce: organic; large, dark green romaine; 66 days
  • 1 "Ruby Red" Chard: dark green, crumpled leaves with crimson stocks and veins; sweet flavor
  • 1 "Eldorado" Chard: dark green leaves with bright orange stacks and veins
  • 1 "Sweetie" Cherry Tomato: super sweet, red cherry tomato; very prolific; 65 days
  • 1 "Sun Sugar" Cherry Tomato: hybrid; golden yellow color with a very sweet flavor; indeterminate; 62 days
  • 1 "Amiga" English Cucumber: Dark green with exceptional flavor; high yields of 6 inch fruit; 55 days
  • 1 "Ace" Pepper: early 3-lobed green sweet pepper that turns red; tends not to drop blossoms due to
  • cool nights in early summer as other varieties do. 50 days to green 70 days to red
  • 1 "Darkibor" Kale: Uniform, tall plants with dark blue, green leaves
  • 1 "Polyvit" Chives: organic, improved, high yield variety; dark green leaves with mild flavor
  •   "Bull's Blood" Beet Greens: dark red leaves and stems add color to salads; 60 days
  •   "Raxe" Radish: round red radish; crack resistant
  •   "Red Kitten", "Avon", and "Tyee" Spinach Mix: Red Kitten-round dark green smooth leaves with deep red veins and stems; sweet flavor; Avon- dark green, thick, elongated leaves; fast growing; 37 days; Tyee-standard savoy spinach; dark green leaves; 40 day
* plus beet greens, radish, and spinach that get direct seeded out into the garden
Upcoming pickup dates
at First United Church  
  • Monday, April 20
  • Monday, May 11
  • Monday, May 25
  • Friday June 12
  • Friday June 26
  • Friday July 10
  • Friday July 17
  • Friday July 24
  • Friday August 7
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