Saturday, February 14, 2015

Recipe: Winter de Gallo Salsa

Inspiration for new cooking ideas for me seems to be limited to the spontaneity of the kitchen.

This was one of those moments.

I had decided to make up some breakfast burritos for lunch—does that mean they were lunch

burritos?  Well, they had scrambled eggs in them, along with some black beans left over from

another meal that I hastily fried up with onions, garlic, and cumin.

After dicing up a bit of extra onion and mixing it with some cilantro (yes, amazingly local

cilantro is available if you know where to look) I realized I might as well try to make a full fresh


The apples are the last remaining fresh local fruit around here.  Granted, they’re not actually

“fresh” but are picked in the fall and stored at cool temperatures to be able to sell them all winter

long.  I didn’t have to think too long to realize this was my best option for the main ingredient in

my “Winter de Gallo” salsa.

Added last was one frozen jalapeƱo from last summer’s garden.  It was a red one which added a

nice color to the salsa.

All this on a breakfast burrito served for lunch.  It was awesome.  I had three.

I might try adding some finely chopped cabbage next time, but if so it will likely need to

marinate a while to let the cabbage soften up a bit.

Winter de Gallo Salsa

 ½ small or medium onion or shallot, finely diced

 ½ cup cilantro, chopped

 2-3 green apples (or any colour you have!), cored and diced

 1-2 frozen hot peppers, finely diced

 1-2 tbsp.  lime juice*

 Salt

 Pepper

Prepare all the vegetables, then mix together in a bowl with the lime juice and salt and pepper to

taste.  Eat on any food that seems appropriate!

*This is the only ingredient Bailey’s doesn’t have right now, but you could always substitute

some apple cider vinegar to keep things 100% local!

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