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Ordering still open for pickup on Monday February 3rd - Bailey's Local Foods

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Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf TUESDAY January 28th at 8pm for pickup on MONDAY February 3rd at First United Church, Waterloo *Order enough for 3 weeks!*
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Upcoming dates:
Monday February 3rd and 24th
Monday March 24th

A message from Rachael:

Thank you for the OCO Nomination!
We have been nominated for the Organic Council of Ontario's ‘Outstanding Sales and Marketing’ Award at the 4th Annual Ontario Organic Awards on Saturday February 1, 2014 from 6 pm â€" 10:30 pm at the River Run Centre in Guelph. We have the opportunity to buy a table for 6-8 and want to know if you would be interested in joining us! Tickets are $45 +HST (a savings from $55!) Please let us know by tomorrow (Jan 24) if you are interested!

Will you be mine?
February is a great time to buy a treat for yourself or someone else you love. Whether you celebrate Valentine's day or not, you might want to try some truffles (in the 'chocolate' section under 'pantry') from Ambrosia Pastry Co., or maybe some of their cinnamon marshmallows (in the 'pantry' section)! My stash of flavoured chocolate bars from Anna Tolazzi is running low so I need to restock! How about caramels from Hugo and Nate or those yummy roasted nuts from Jewels Under the Kilt? For a spicy chocolate cookie you have to try Love Bites from New Moon Kitchen as a February treat.

Local Dairy Spotlight

We've been enjoying the yogurt, cheese, butter and more from Local Dairy for years now. In fact I need to reorder some of their mozzarella, cultured butter and their amazing ghee for the next pickup as we love using the ghee to make popcorn on the stove and the butter is lovely smeared on bread or pancakes. Mozzarella is necessary on pizza and it tastes almost like butter. The Oaxaca and Chihuahua soft cheeses melt beautifully on nachos or in dips.

The Singh family is dedicated to making tasty cheese. eatdrink Magazine has written an article on Local Dairy and you can find it at

Here's a quote from the article:
"We get the freshest milk from one or two local farms five or ten minutes away.”
Milk quality is crucial in Singh’s business. “A cow is a very finicky animal. Lots of factors make a difference in the milk, even the weather. Of course the milk changes based on what the cow eats. If a cow is force fed protein for example, some of the other micronutrients are lost. A cow is most happy when outside grazing and eating at its own speed,” says Singh. He also notes that the milk must be antibiotic-free in order to make his cultured dairy products from it.

Maple Custard Recipe

You had me at custard. Jon from The Local Kitchener  has made a tasty dessert that is 99% local. It's a shame vanilla beans aren't local... Check out the recipe on our blog at

More good stuff:
  • Stevanus Farm has added carrots, red onions, shallots, squash, parsnips and potatoes including mini potatoes and larger russets and chieftans!
  • Top Market Meats has rabbit sausages and pastured Tamworth Pork!
    • Chops -4 per pkg
    • Bacon
    • Ground -1 lb pkg
    • Ham -boneless 4-6lbs each 
    • Breakfast sausage- regular and maple (made with real maple syrup) 
    • Sausage - regular, garlic, Italian, hot Italian, smoked and cheddar cheese
  • Harrington Lane Farm has a whole lot of pastured Berkshire pork available! Look for
    • Smoked Ham Steak-Bone In (approx. 2-3 Lbs each)
    • Smoked Hams-Bone In (approx. 4-6 Lbs each)
    • Smoked Hocks (20 available) (approx. 1 Lb each)
    • Meaty Pig Tails (5 available) $4.00 each
  • Turkey Sale from Snyder Heritage Farms - all GMO Free!
    • Turkey Back and necks - Sale price $6.50 for a bag of 2 (min. 10 lb) Regularly $9.75
    • Turkey Legs (Drumsticks) - Sale price $1.75/lb (Reg $3.00/lb)
    • Turkey Wings - Sale price $1.50/lb (Reg $2.75/lb)
    • New price for Turkey Breakfast sausage - Now $10.25 (formerly $11.0
  • Organic Apple Sauce by the case from Apple Creek Farm Save $12 - in the 'preserved' section.
  • Apple Creek Farm's Mixed Organic Juicing Apples - the mix will include golden delicious, cortland and Mac.
    A great deal! Bushel - $39      1/2 Bushel - $19.50
  • Dried Beans and Barley from Rounds Brand. Stock up for a couple months!
  • Bosc Pears from Martin's Family Fruit Farm are available!
  • Frozen GMO Free Edamame from Pristine Gourmet
  • Sunflower, Canola and Soya Oil from Pristine Gourmet in 4L jugs
  • Organic flours and grains from Oak Manor
  • Apple Cider Vinegar from The Cider Keg as well as  ACV that is raw and organic from Filsinger's Organic
  • GMO Free Popping Corn including organic, yellow, white hulless, rainbow and pop-a-cobs from Ontario Popping Corn
  • Redskin Peanuts and Peanut Butter with no funicides from Kernal Peanuts!
  • Sparkling Apple Cider from The Cider Keg including Blush Twist and the new Bubbly Blonde sparkling grape and apple fruit blends! Check them out here.
  • Jerusalem Artichokes from Martha Wideman - Lots still available!
  • Anna Tolazzi's flavoured chocolate bars are back!

Stay warm,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods
KW's Online Farmers Market

P.S. We can use your egg cartons, fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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Upcoming dates:
Monday February 3rd and 24th
Monday March 24th
Monday April 14th
FRIDAY May 9th

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