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Bailey's ordering for Monday January 13th is open! **order enough for 3 weeks!

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Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf TUESDAY January 7th at 8pm for pickup on MONDAY January 13th at First United Church, Waterloo *Order enough for 3 weeks!*
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Upcoming dates:
Monday January 13th
Monday February 3rd and 24th

A message from Rachael:

I know, I know. We've barely had the December pickup and I'm already taking about January? Well, I just want to remind you that the order form is already open (and has been for a week!) so that if you think of amazing local food that you need or are close to running out of local oil, snacks or need extra veggies to fuel that resolution, if you are really glad you got three heads of lettuce or tubs of yogurt, you can add them to your order now so that it will already be in your shopping basket when ordering closes on January 7th.

I also want to talk about the storage veggies that often get forgotten. We never seem to forget carrots, potatoes or onions, but  what about Jerusalem Artichokes, Parsnips, Daikon Radish and Rutabaga?
  • Parsnips - Great roasted, but for a change you can make Spiced Parsnip & Chocolate Chunk Cake if you are feeling adventurous! I'd recommend a shallower pan and maybe half of the sugar that the recipe calls for. It was a hit with adults and kids alike!
  • Jerusalem Artichokes (aka Sunchokes) - My favourite description is from my neighbour: "I got Jerusalem artichokes this time. They're amazing! Like the most delicate potato with definitely artichoke flavour. I'm delighted." How to cook them? Oven broil them like you would potato wedges/healthy fries (recommended by Martha Wideman), mash them with some potatoes for more texture and taste! They can even be eaten raw is salads or stir frys!
  • Daikon Radish - A Milder radish and another awesome low starch root vegetable! Angie from Fertile Ground says:
    Dear Daikon Radish,
    You have been a sadly neglected vegetable on my plate until quite recently. I have not adequately appreciated how much freshness and satisfying crunch you can add to an otherwise over-starchy winter root diet.
    With new-found respect,
    Your Farmer

  • Garlic - January is a great time to stock up! Keep the bulbs cold and dark to avoid sprouts!
  • Not a root vegetable, but remember squash! An great colour to add to your plate through the winter. We love Spaghetti Squash!
Another thing to think about - you can store all these amazing veggies in your fridge or cold cellar (open the bag and let them breathe a bit, or better yet, put them in some soil!) but sometimes our farmers sell out, so you might want to get enough of your favourites to last until the next growing season starts!

Enjoy the season,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods
KW's Online Farmers Market

P.S. We can use your egg cartons, fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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Upcoming dates:
Monday January 13th
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