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A Message from Rachael:

We're going to a wedding today. I don't know the bride (yet), but from the bit that we have talked, she loves food and preserving so I made up a basket of some of our preserves - grape juice, tomatoes, peach slices, grape jam and peach jam with cinnamon - and then added some goodies from Bailey's - Sparkling Apple Cider from The Cider Keg, a sack of organic popping corn from Ontario Popping Corn, Smokey Asparagus Antipasto from Barrie's Asparagus and two of my favourite chocolate bars from Anna Tolazzi - Runaway Mint and Blueberry Tea (I would have included Mark Twain if I had one on hand, but maybe that can be their first anniversary present). I hope they like it!

Things to look for:
  • Collards from Kingwood
  • Tree nuts from Niagara (under 'nuts' in the 'pantry' section) - LAST CHANCE!
  • Four options from Indian Gusto!
    1. Kadhai Chicken
    2. Mushroom Mattar Curry
    3. Alloo Gobhi (dry)
    4. Rajma Curry
  • $10 OFF Traditional Foods 10lb box of beef and pork patties. Regularly priced at $64, now only $54.
  • Kohlrabi, turkey, butter, cheese, potatoes, apple butter and more! (see below)
Cooking with The Farmer's Daughter

Check out Melissa's first cooking video at

We asked Melissa from Vibrant Farms (our awesome supplier of organic grass fed beef and turkey too) to feed you... virtually. Check out her first video where she tells you all she knows (and doesn't know) about kohlrabi and all the yummy ways she dreamed up to cook it. I do expect kohlrabi sales to skyrocket this week! Won't Paul Bowman be surprised? He doesn't even know what is coming! =) There are a few 'issues' with the video - for me, the sound didn't work in the second section, but it left me drooling while looking at shots of the food Melissa prepared. Despite this, I know you'll enjoy it. Thank you Melissa for the time you took to prepare this!

Here are Melissa's notes and recipe to go with the video in the link:

Hello all loyal Bailey's customers - I hope you enjoy the video I've put together for you, it is my first one - so I promise the editing and the sound and the layout and all that WILL get better!!! I am NOT any sort of trained food professional, I just run the Vibrant Farms Organic Meat really all my "recipes" are things that I come up with - and hope to inspire you to do as well. I LOVE food, and I love playing with it, so when Bailey's asked me to do a little ditty on some items on the order form I was in like a dirty shirt!You can follow me on Twitter @afarmdaughter or Facebook- The Farmers Daughter
Stay tuned for a Bailey's and The Farmers Daughter Dinner out on the farm - More details to come!

Here are the recipes:


  1. slice kohlrabi and carrots, garlic, onions and parsley and dill from Baileys Local Foods
  2. fill a jar with all the sliced vegetables - add in vinegar and salt (about a tsp - to your personal preference)
  3. let sit on shelf for at least 4 weeks
  4. ensure all vegetables are covered in the vinegar liquid (some people use sugar, I think the root vegetables have enough natural sugar you don't need it) 
Roasted Potatoes and Cilantro and Kohlrabi
  1. roast potatoes and a sprig of fresh thyme, garlic, onions and grass fed organic butter (The Bailey's butter is from Alliston Creamery) at 350 degrees for about 35 mins, ensure potatoes are not crowded in dish, and stir occasionally, use about 2 tbsp of butter
  2. thinly slice kohlrabi (which adopts a bit of a turnip taste when baked) and place on a baking sheet (stone ware is best), ensure you have some sort of "stick protection" although they are not likely to stick given their consistency (bake at 350 for about 25 mins)
  3. put potatoes in your serving dish, nicely lay the kohlrabi on top
  4. gather fresh cilantro from Baileys Local foods, some fresh cream as well and place in a blender or food processor, then heat to a slight boil in a cast iron skillet and pour generously over the kohlrabi and potatoes
  5. EAT!! 
Kohlrabi Carpaccio "sushi" Roll
  1. Grab left over cooked turkey (or meat of any sort) from Vibrant Farms - through Bailey's Local Foods (perfect after Thanksgiving!)
  2. slice up your organic cheese from Bailey's (Millbank has organic cheddars!)
  3. use a carrot or potato peeler and thinly slice the kohlrabi into thin long strips
  4. use salt and pepper to taste on turkey
  5. "Wrap and Roll" ... see what I did there ;) 
Egg over Grilled Kohlrabi
  1. use butter again from Bailey's or you can use extra virgin organic coconut oil
  2. grill thin slices (rounds) of kohlrabi in a skillet until browned
  3. fry eggs/ poach eggs/ scramble eggs
  4. place organic grass fed cheese on top of kohlrabi, place egg on top (I like it best when the yolk erupts in a volcano over everything and makes all taste super yummy!!)
  5. place your warmed tomato sauce (also from Bailey's) or made yourself on top and a fresh sprig of parsley
  6. EAT!!! mmm 
Other Ideas
  1. Organic Apple butter from Apple Creek Farm and Kohlrabi... seriously this is so yummy!!! I suspect sales of apple butter and kohlrabi to SKY ROCKET in Waterloo region, trust me, the texture and the sweetness... its just really GREAT!!  (plus its local...  and yes, you can get Wellesley apple butter at many local stores!)
  2. Sushi inspired - while I was playing around with kohlrabi, sesame seeds and oil and wasabi tasted REALLY great with the kohlrabi, add in some other vegetables, maybe a little fish in there, rice if that's what your heart desires and POOF!!! local version of sushi!  
Enjoy this weekend,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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