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A Message from Rachael:

Tonight I asked Maryrose what I should write about. She's says that "everything in her house is amazingly yummy this week!" and I agree. The pickups at First United and in Breslau on Friday were packed with amazing veggies, beautiful flower bouquets, bread, cheese, meat and so much more.

What did you most enjoy from Friday's pickup? We've been loving the peaches in my house. They are great for breakfast or really any time. We had an amazing dessert with peaches and strawberries on Sunday. Who knew that we would get local strawberries in August this year!

Back to the peaches. I keep forgetting to tell you about the best way to care for those luscious peaches until they are ripe and ready to eat or can. To prevent bruising, peaches are not completely ripe when picked and shipped. Once you get them home, spread the peaches out on newspaper on their side or bottom (not stem down) and not touching each other and they'll ripen over the next few days.

My neighbour canned a full box of peaches this weekend and she shared a handy conversion with me on Sunday. One whole box of peaches (minus the peaches that were too tasty to can) made 14 jars of sliced peaches. I'm sure they will taste amazing in February!

Speaking of preserving peaches, we're getting ready to have the amazing Palatine peaches preserved again this year. Last year we asked that Naamon and Selema and their family preserve the peaches in a light honey syrup (for an all local treat!). Last year's we canned PF24s, but this year we are going to try and get the Coral Star peaches for you! If you would like to pre-order cases of peaches pleas email us. We hope to keep the costs the same this year, but will definitely keep the price the same for those who order now!

The Effects of a Dry Growing Season

How this crazy weather is making this a great time to buy meats from Traditional Foods. So are their specials: Save $5 on a Treasure box from Traditional Foods - OR - get a FREE package of CHICKEN with a COTTAGE GETAWAY BOX.

From Noah and Gayl:

We may be getting some rain now, but the effects of the drought on the growing season have hit farmers hard. What will food prices look like as a

Feed for chickens is already up by 25% which means that when you buy free range chickens this fall, you will see a big increase in pricing.

Pasture dried up resulting in some farmers selling off cattle to try and avoid buying expensive hay and other feed. Hay prices have doubled to tripled from what they were six months ago and there is very little second cut.

This might be a good time for you to get a freezer and buy some boxed meats or even purchase meat by the quarter or half. It's the cycle of farming that
when there is not enough vegetative matter growing, there will be more meat and vice versa; Nature's way of making a reservoir of food.

Buying in bulk and ordering in advance helps to keep the cost down. There will likely be another price increase in the fall because, as pasture gets into short supply, cows get expensive hay and grain to help them through the winter.

Traditional Foods farmers feed their livestock with natural products. The supplement program results in nutrient dense meat, and due to its high quality, costs the farmer more. Feed includes Redmond salt, a high quality sea salt with trace minerals; Bio-Lac, a probiotic for livestock; and kelp, which is rich in trace minerals. Chickens also get natural Vitamin E. All these extras keep the herd healthy, minimizing the need for intervention and allowing animals to live a good, healthy life.

Livestock are fed grains and other extras in the winter to help them grow and stay well fed. All feed stuff is GMO free. This means that if you are looking to have grass fed beef, you need to order in
the spring for your order to be ready by fall.

For those interested in what's in the feed, almost all animals get a mixture that includes oats, barley, corn, peas and sometimes some wheat. Cattle and pigs are finished on soybean-free feed. Chickens can also be done that way with pre-orders. All feed is GMO free, but of course!

Too yummy to pass up:
  • Organic Sovereign Coronation Grapes from Pfenning's The earliest of the season.
  • Formidable cheese from Monforte. It has chocolate and chiles in it. Wow!
  • Watermelons from Lester and Irene Brubacher! (these often take up a trailer on their own!)
  • Mapleton's Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt in the 'dairy' section
  • Eco-Coffee is now on the order form. With this hot summer you'd think we could grow coffee in Southern Ontario, but while the beans aren't grown within 100 miles, they are Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified and roasted locally!
  • Lemonade Concentrate from Jill at Lighthouse Lemonade in Rockwood is also in the 'other' section.
  • Baking from Pam at Sweet Crumbs Etc. for a weekend treat
  • Tasty Indian food from Indian Gusto. We'll have it Fridays (can you say 'better than take out'?!), but the rest of the week you can order lunch delivery from Surbhi at http://www.indiangusto.ca/
  • Gazpacho from Ontario Natural (made by Green Table Foods) in the 'prepared' section!
  • Mild Green Tomatilla salsa from Casa Salsa to dip your Luke's Tortilla chips from McKechnie into!
  • Speaking of Luke's Tortilla Chips - did you know that we now have 5 varieties?! Salted, Unsalted, Mexican Spice, Nacho Cheese and Multigrain They are in the 'tortillas' section under 'other'
  • Flower bouquets from Garden Party and Lena Burkhart. Lovely!
  • Yogurt. Good for you and the the Vanilla Mapleton's is soooo yummy on...
  • Peaches (see below)
From Mary Jane regarding fruit:
Hi Everyone,
We are now down to about 2 weeks left before the canning/preserving season for peaches will be over! The free-stone peaches are in their glory and the pears will be soon. Knowing this you can plan your canning season according to your holidays.

Eva and Rene have land in Dunnville that has the Clapp and French Bartlett pears we usually have this time of year. The Dunville farm was affected by the spring warmth/freezing weather.
We expect to have Bartlett pears later in the season as they are on the 'home' farm which did not get hit with the freezing temperatures and frost. We will keep you posted!

The freestone peaches aren't hanging around this year. Already the Coral Star peaches are here and the next variety is close on it's heels! 'Freestone' means that the flesh comes free of the pit easily. All the freestone peaches are great for cooking, canning, freezing, dehydrating and jams.

The Coral-star peach is a peach that is said to 'have it all'. Beautiful appearance, size and flavour (spectacular this year!). It is a large peach with attractive colour with skin 60-80% bright orange-red. It has great sweet peach flavour and aroma. This freestone peach is unique in that is does not brown when cut making it one of the best peaches for canning and freezing! This may be the only Friday to order the Coral Stars as the next variety will be ready soon!

Just a reminder - All the fruit we get from Eva and Rene are 'tree run'. We do this to avoid the sorting station that insists on fungicidal baths, fuzz removal (peaches) and paraffin wax coatings!. This means some fruit will be larger and some smaller, some more ripe and some less ripe all in the same box. Eva and Rene let our fruit ripen on the tree much longer than if they were to pick it for the shippers! The shippers want green fruit and we want tree ripened fruit!!

HEIRLOOM TOMATOES - Grown naturally in a field that has been fallow for 2 years! The tomatoes are coming on strong now. All the varieties are available in both baskets and bulk this week
  1. The newest addition to the heirloom variety list is the San Marzano - I strongly suggest you go to Wikipedia (or Google it for fun) for a description of this amazing tomato and its' history! Pretty impressive... here is the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Marzano_tomato The San Marzano is a plum tomato with a strong, sweet flavour. Known for its' thicker flesh, thin skin and fewer seeds it is the premium tomato to use for tomato and pizza sauces. We have San Marzano tomatoes in 3 litre baskets to start. If they come in great volume we hope to offer them in bulk later in the season.
  2. The Purple Russian tomato is more the shape of a large Roma tomato except that it is purple in colour. Very pretty in a salad and they dehydrate well! (small amount available for now)
  3. Red Brandywine tomatoes - There are different varieties of Brandywine tomatoes but one site described the Red Brandywine to be the 'original' original Brandywine......now that is heirloom! It's heritage dates back into the 1800's. They are excellent tomatoes for all purposes including canning and slicing.
  4. The name of this heirloom tomato is unknown. We do know the seed dates back as far as Abe Lincoln. So for lack of a better name I used to called them 'Abe Lincoln' tomatoes. It was brought to my attention that 'Abraham Lincoln' tomatoes do exist and are an heirloom tomato! Ours might be these Abraham Lincolns, but since we cannot say for sure I am going to have to rename ours something very creative........like 'red heirloom' tomatoes. :)
  5. Roma tomatoes are the most widely know plum tomatoes for use in canning sauces. It is more oval in shape, has a thin skin with a thicker flesh and few seeds.
Eva and Rene grow traditional tea roses along with antique roses which are very popular in Europe! The antique roses look similar to what you used to see in your grandmothers or even your great grandmothers garden! They are varieties of old that are being reintroduced by Eva and Rene.

Be well,
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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