Friday, June 29, 2012

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A Message from Rachael:
We've enjoyed the week off and I really meant to send you an email, but playing with kids and weeding the garden took priority. I think this is the first time my garden has had attention in two years. Having a baby last August really changed our priorities!

The Cherries are ready!!
There will be cherries on Friday. I'm not sure if they will be Lapin or Hedelfingen. Both are superb! The orchard that we get cherries from is one of a few that was not affected by the late frosts this year. We are very lucky! These are trees that are not organic, but have been treated using Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM allows to treat only for pests that pose a threat to the crop instead of using extra sprays and this farm uses the least invasive methods. They also skip the fungicidal baths that are common before delivery. We are very happy to bring this fruit to you!

From the Palatine website:
Attention to detailsOur fruit produce is grown with attention to details such as:

  • Flavour enhancement
  • Nutritional quality
  • Shelf-life
Our fruit is picked tree ripe, which results in exceptional flavour. 
We are committed to producing an excellent product.

Insect Management
We focus in IPM (Integrated Pest Management).  The orchards and vineyards are scouted by individuals who are trained to recognize insects and diseases.  We only spray when insect numbers exceed a certain threshold.  We use sprays that have the least negative impact on beneficial insects, birds and animals.  Products such as molasses, oils, clay and Growers Nutrional Solutions are used to enhance the health of the trees and vines.

Fungus Management
We also use IPM methods and the services of scouts for fungus management.  We prefer to use sulfur, copper and 35% hydrogen peroxide.

Weed Management
Under trees, we use a minimal level of herbicides along with mechanical weed-control, as well as mulch.  We have eliminated the use of long term residual herbicides.

Soil Nutrient Management
Our soil management is continually evolving, using the recommendations of Carey Reams, Dan Skow, and V.A. Tiedjens along with our own observations.

Invitation to dinner with the Farmer's Daughter
Have you ever wanted to meet your farmer? Melissa Baer is inviting you to dinner at her home and farm! This is the organic farm that we are happy to work with to bring you very tasty organic grass fed beef!

Here is Melissa's invitation:

My name is Melissa Baer, founder of Vibrant Farms, and on Facebook as The Farmers Daughter, and twitter as @afarmdaughter. 

I have always loved having people over and entertaining, being able to share the beautiful place I call home and the unique connection to my food that I am blessed to have.  So as a result of a suggestion from a friend, I decided to host "Dinner with The Farmers Daughter". 

What it is, you can bring a group of friends, even co-workers, or family members, you arrive at 6:30, just in time for chores (make sure you dont bring your fancy shoes, or at least have a work pair to change into) we take a tour of each aspect of the farm, allowing you to see how we raise our animals, grow our crops etc, you'll get to play with and touch the animals and feed them. 

Then we venture inside to enjoy an organic locally produced meal (as local as it gets - Straight off the farm!), Where there will also be organic and biodynamic wine from Southbrook wines, it includes a 5 course meal, and of course each menu item has a story and how and why it is prepared the way it is, how it can benefit your body, and fun facts too!  We sit out on the back deck overlooking the sun as it sets in the glen over the river with the cows grazing in the foreground. As the sun dips below horizon we head on over to the campfire to finish off the evening. 

It has proven to be quite an enjoyable relaxing playful adventure, an experience of an authentic farm family experience! Rustic and simple elegance.  It is literally the BEST food you can get, prepared by yours truly, menu created also by myself. 

Total cost 50.00 per plate
Groups of 10-16 are ideal (5-8 couples)
We can discuss how to customize it for your specific group, please give me a call or email or 226 808 2237

Would love to see you out for dinner!! 
Week nights or weekends also available

Melissa Baer

Have a wonderful long weekend!
Maryrose and Rachael
Bailey's Local Foods

P.S. We can use your fruit boxes, baskets and jars from preserves again if you return them.

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