Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ordering ends at 8pm on Sunday + Strawberries for June 11!

This is your reminder that you should place your order before 8pm on Sunday, June 6 for pickup on Friday, June 11.
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*** Mark Sunday, August 15th on you calendar for Bailey's Picnic Pot Luck in Waterloo Park! We have reserved the Servery by the Bandshell for our group! More details to come!

From Rachael:

Did you enjoy this treat of a Weekend? What a gorgeous Saturday for one that had a chance of rain.

We enjoyed gardening Saturday morning (thanks Mom!) and then celebrated my daughter's sixth birthday dinner outside with family. Smoked chicken and ribs, tomato and bocconcini salad, Bistro Mix with some Wild Arugula added for good measure, and a Jerusalem Artichoke and Asparagus salad dressed with creme fraiche too. We ended the meal with ice cream cake, strawberries and chocolates from Anna Tolazzi. Maybe I should have bought two boxes of chocolate! Mmmm!

A Couple Notes
  • Magnolia Catering now has very tasty Rhubarb Loaf and Butter Tarts in the 'Baked Goods' section and Sunflower Flax Bread in the "Loaves and Buns" Section. All are gluten free!
  • We're trying hard to get strawberries for you. We hope to have lots on Friday, but those little gems need to ripen first. You'll find more strawberries on the order form now. Exciting? YES!
  • Look for Sorrel from Soiled Reputation. I asked Antony from Soiled Reputation what to do with Sorrel and this was his suggestion: Sorrel is a wonderful accompaniment, in cream, to salmon!  Take 1 shallot, diced and sweat in olive oil 'till soft.  Add 1/2 cup dry white wine, reduce to a syrup.  Add 1 cup 35% cream, and 1 cup chopped sorrel, bring to a gentle boil and spoon over grilled salmon, then say "Ta da".
We have a convenient option for you to donate to local food programs through Bailey's. We provided local beans to the Waterloo Region Food Bank with the money you donated in January and February. Donations over $10 (from January through June and again July through December of the 2010 year) are eligible for a tax receipt. We will be donating 100% of what you give to the food bank directly or by sending local food from our suppliers in the coming months.

Items that you have placed in your shopping cart will be ordered on your behalf on Sunday at 8:00PM. There is no checkout button.
If you do not intend to order, please ensure that your shopping cart is empty.

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