Wednesday, November 5, 2008

order local food from farmer?

Hi Folks,

Are you eating well? We sure are! Chef salads tonight with toasted
local hazel and heartnuts. YUM!

I'm trying really hard to not sell local food this Winter. I will
resist... A farmer asked if I'd tell you how you can buy directly from
him. Sure. Here's their info:

Farmers Sam and Ellen Bowman are offering to deliver the following
certified organic foods to you on Nov. 18 (between 3:30 and 4:30pm)
and Dec 23 after 7pm. To order, phone them at 519-698-2960 (not on
Sunday). They live near Wallenstein with their two children and have
been leaders in the move toward organic farming in that area. There is
a $5 delivery charge per order. I'm not sure what that means if 5 of
you neighbours get together and order and pick it up at one house. You
can ask.

Garlic $4/lb ($1.25 each)
Squash $1/lb
Cabbage $1.50 ea
Beets - Red or Gold $3/quart, $10/8 litre basket, $20 half bushel, $35 a bushel
Spanish or Red $1/lb,
Cooking Onions $.70/lb
Carrots washed and packaged - 1 1/4lb for $2, $4 for 3lb
Carrots unwashed - half bushel $14 bushel is $25
Jars of Tomato Juice 750ml $4.50 ea
Jars of Tomato Sauce 250ml $2.75 ea
Ground Cherries $3/pint
First year transition to organic Mac Apples $6 for 3 litre
Kale $2 bunch
Roasting chickens $3.75/lb frozen
Potatoes - unwashed Red, Yukon, or Gold
50lb $30
25lb $17
10lb $8
5lb 5
Blue potatoes 10lb $15, 5lb $10
Cooking onions
50lb $30
25lb $17
10lb $8
Spanish Onions
50lb $40
25lb $22.50
10lb $10
Turkeys (20-30lbs) limited quantity for Dec 23 at $3.75lb

If someone who lives near me wants to order for Dec 23, I'd like to
order then too and pick it up at your house (switcharoo).

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